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When to go to Alabama depends somewhat on what things to do appeal to you, even though most attractions and activities are available year round. There are distinct Alabama seasons but even winter benefits from the balmy breezes of the Gulf shores, so you'll find that winters are generally milder and shorter than in the northern part of the country. The region along the Gulf Coast is the warmest, and travel to Alabama booms in this part of the state during the winter. Thus, your Alabama trips can be scheduled at any time of year, and still be a great time to see all the state's attractions.

When To Go To Alabama
When To Go To Alabama

Each of the Alabama seasons offers different appeal for different kinds of travelers. Most of the sports and recreational activities that might be seasonal in the northern United States are operational year round. For instance, the state's lakes, many with cabin rentals and camping available, are open and accessible six or seven days a week for most of the year, and for at least weekends during the months of December and January. In fact, the best fishing for certain kinds of sports fish in the state's many lakes is during the winter. As you can see, Alabama trips centered on outdoor activities do not need to be limited by Alabama seasons as they are in the north.

If you're a family, group, or on a budget, you might want to consider Alabama vacations that visit different regions in the more off-season times. For less expensive prices on most everything, consider travel to Alabama to the north and cities like Huntsville and Birmingham in the winter when it is colder. And, Alabama trips will be cheaper in southern locales like Dauphin Island and Mobile in the summer when it is hotter and more humid. Otherwise, deciding when to go to Alabama is more dependent on your vacation time than it is on other considerations.

If a really good party is something you're looking for, then travel to Alabama for Mardi Gras, one of the regional attractions in Gulf Shores Alabama and in Mobile that might surprise you. This is the same kind of coastal delta are that you find around New Orleans, and the celebration of Mardi Gras as an event that actually began in Mobile, not New Orleans. So, if you think when to go to Alabama is the period before Easter, you'll find yourself enjoying a full Mardi Gras experience complete with parades, costumes, and streets full of merry makers. Speaking of shrimp, one of the popular events in the state is the annual National Shrimp Festival, held in October on the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores. As many as 200,000 food lovers choose to travel to Alabama for this extravaganza of regional cuisine, arts, and entertainment.

In August, the "World's Longest Yard Sale" is held along a stretch of 654 miles of Route 127 through Alabama and into Ohio. While beautiful Bellingrath Gardens and Home (south of Mobile) is open year round, many visitors decide that when to go to Alabama is from March 15 through April 5, when more than a quarter of a million azaleas burst into bloom. For NASCAR racing, travel to Alabama in April, and go in May for the Honda AMA Superbike Championship in Birmingham.

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