Hunting in Alaska

Hunting in Alaska is best described by region. The type of Alaska hunting trip will vary throughout the entire state. Deer hunting is available in Southeast Alaska"s coastal rainforest, whereas musk ox hunting is practiced on the tundra of western Alaska. South Central Alaska is famous for Dall sheep hunting. The world-famous Kodiak is known for Alaska bear hunting.

Alaska Moose Hunting

If you are interested in Alaska moose hunting, you will want to head for the hills of the Interior. Because there are so many moose throughout Alaska, they have been crucial to the development of the state. Alaska moose hunting was once the primary method 0f supplying meat to the mining camps. Throughout the history of Alaska, moose were used as a source of food and clothing. Today, Alaskans harvest approximately 6,000 to 8,000 moose. This translates into 3.5 million pounds of meat. Since this is high quality meat, anyone on an Alaska moose-hunting trip is legally bound to salvage this meat for human consumption. If you end up with more moose meat than you will need, consider donating the excess to the Alaskan Hunters Fighting Hunger program.

You will need to need to sign a transfer of possession form and drop the game of at one of Food Bank of Alaska"s airline partners: Northern Air Cargo, ERA and Pentair. These partners will transport the game to Anchorage, where game processors will clean, grind and package the game for use by the nonprofit agencies involved in feeding feed hungry men, women and children throughout the entire state of Alaska.

Alaska Bear Hunting

The best Alaska bear hunting areas are found in the tidal areas in Prince William Sound southward through the panhandle of Alaska. Early May through early June is usually the best time for Alaska bear hunting. If you plan to use bear flesh for food, you must be certain that it is well-cooked. Alaska bears have been known to have trichinosis, which can be transmitted to humans who eating infected meat that is not cooked thoroughly. It also behooves you to realize that bears are extremely powerful animals that are capable of being dangerous to humans. Although they are cautious and secretive, they will defend their food supply against anyone who they perceive as an intruder. This is important to be aware of if you are hunting in Alaska.

Although hunting in Alaska can be an exciting experience, there are inherent dangers associated with the sport. These include, but are not limited to dangerous game, early winter weather, and distance from any viable source of help. Observe all safety precautions, and consider the services of an Alaska hunting guide.

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