Alaska Luxury Cruises

An Alaska luxury cruise is the best way to see the coastline and cities of Alaska in style. Travelers will find that Alaska luxury cruises will almost always be found aboard larger ships, which allow extra room for additional amenities, upscale dining facilities and bars. Alaska luxury cruises run during the cruising season, from April until September, and will feature additional amenities such as larger passenger rooms and room service.

Classic yachts are one popular choice for Alaska luxury cruises. Highly crafted yachts offer guests a chance to cruise without sharing their space with other passengers. These yachts are available for groups of 10 or 15 and are a popular choice among families or groups of friends who want to plan their own agenda. Yachts can be booked which come with a chef, a captain and sailing crew, and various private rooms. Expect to pay between $5,000 and $8,000 per person for a place on a private ship or yacht.

Another great choice for luxury Alaska cruises is booking passage with a large cruise ship company such as the Regent Seven Seas cruise line. Regent runs various luxury cruises to Alaska as well as some good deals on discount luxury Alaska cruises during certain seasons. Regent cruises travel to Alaska from San Francisco, Vancouver BC and Seattle. Regent cruises also travel from Anchorage and run along the Inside Passage. Cruises can be booked anywhere from 7 and 15 nights and will cost between $4,000 and $6,000 per person.

Luxury cruise lines such as the Regent feature rooms that are larger than the private rooms of smaller cruise ships. Deluxe rooms include a small sitting room adjacent to the sleeping room, which is something travelers won’t find on smaller ships. Luxury cruises also feature food served throughout the day, rather than the set breakfast lunch and dinner hours of smaller cruise lines. Cocktail rooms and bars are also a common feature on luxury cruise ships, as are small spas and salons with services for hair and nails. Princess, Royal Caribbean and Silver Sea Cruise Lines all offer luxury cruises and, during the season, also offer Alaska cruise discount luxury.

To find a discount luxury Alaska cruise, try taking advantage of early booking discounts. Alaska cruising season starts every year in April and lasts until September. Travelers willing to book their trip up to a year in advance can find Alaska cruise discount luxury, often with discounts of up to 25%. Most of the larger cruise companies also offer discount luxury Alaska cruises for passengers who book additional tours with them. Helicopter tours of Mt. McKinley, snowshoeing trips through the forests around Juneau or white water rafting rides are all offered at a separate cost. By booking these tours through your cruise company, you can usually get a lower package price.

Alaska cruise discount luxury can also be found by booking a trip at the last minute. Although this is usually only an option for travelers with flexible travel plans, those who can take advantage of last minute deals can save up to $1000 on cruise prices. Last minute deals are available only a week or two before the travel date, and will only be available for ships with extra room.

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