Alaska Railroad Tours

Alaska railroad tours open a wide door to many travel possibilities. As a distinct and unique way to explore an array of stunning areas, tours on the Alaska railway create a portal to some of the most rugged and scenic American landscapes. From the city of Seward, and stretching almost 500 miles to historic Fairbanks, the Alaskan railway traverses through and bypasses some of the most spectacular attractions. Two main train services are available for passengers traveling within the summer months-travel throughout northern or southern Alaska stopping in well-known towns and cities, and discover some of the most striking areas within the vast and picturesque environment.

There are so many Alaska railroad packages to choose between that at first, planning a railroad vacation might seem like a dizzying task. Yet it’s these many choices that make Alaska railroad tours so popular—they can easily be adapted to fit many tastes and interests. Some of the possible tours on the Alaska railway include a trip from the Arctic Circle all the way to Glacier Bay. This tour travels through Denali National Park where the chance to get off and explore is a welcome one. Most stay overnight at one of the most renowned Alaska hotels, the Denali Lodge. Alaska railway tours like this one allow time to get out fishing, cycling, hiking, and wildlife viewing, and even rafting along the Talkeetna River. Spend a night in Anchorage, head on to Seward, and enjoy more tour options such as dog sledding rides, glacier tours, and Alaska’s top national parks.

Some additional tours on the Alaska railway include many destination points departing from Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city and home to almost half of the total population. Enjoy Alaska railway tours to Fairbanks, Seward, Talkeetna, and Whittier and choose from an assortment of adventure packages to get some off-train time in during vacations. Deluxe packages are also available, offering up to a week’s pass aboard the Alaskan railway where sleeping quarters, meals, and other amenities are included. Dinner shows and off-train tours vary and can be added in to customize each trip to every passenger’s liking.

Aboard the trains traveling through Alaska, there are expansive windows affording terrific views of the passing landscape. Large, comfortable seats, an onboard dining area, restrooms, and spacious luggage cars combine to create an environment that is akin to a traveling hotel. Easy wheelchair accessibility means everyone can take in the scenery during Alaska railroad tours. Three distinct service levels help travelers identify exactly how they want to experience their train journeys. Standard service, private dome railway cars, and Goldstar Alaska dome service are all available and are often tagged at special rates throughout the year. Be sure to book, at minimum, 24 hours in advance. There is a daily summer train from May to September and weekend-only service in the winter months from the end of September to May. Summertime options include a choice of three different trains; the Coastal Classic, the Denali Star, and the Glacial Discovery train.

The variety in Alaska railroad tours doesn’t stop there, making it easy to see why so many travelers opt for this excellent way of seeing the true beauty of Alaska. From Thursdays to Sundays, visitors can head to Hurricane Gulch and back from Talkeetna for a tour. The Aurora Winter train is the best bet for wintertime train tours on the Alaska railway. Departing from Anchorage, the train travels to Fairbanks every Saturday. This tour is also available in the opposite direction, from Fairbanks south to Anchorage. For a comprehensive rail map, head to the state’s online railroad map to better understand all the trip possibilities when visiting the great state of Alaska.

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