Alaska RV Rentals

Alaska RV rentals are a great choice for anyone who wants to add flexibility to their Alaska vacation. They are also perfect for people who want to "rough it" in style with most of the comforts of home. Although some people drive their own RV to Alaska, if you live far away, your travel time can take up a significant potion of the time allotted for your vacation. For this reason, Alaska RV rentals may be preferable.

There are many firms that offer Alaska RV rentals. These may range from 22-foot class C motor homes to 30-foot class-A motor homes. Of the many Alaska RV rentals available, the class C motor home is the most popular model. It is usually available in 22 foot to 31-foot lengths. Most Alaska RV rentals are fully self-contained. This means that in addition to beds and seating, you can expect to find a bathroom with toilet and shower, stove, refrigerator, kitchen sink, hot water heater and furnace. If you are renting from one of the top RV rental Alaska companies, your motor home to be less than 3 years old. A 22-24 foot RV works quite well for a couples. However, the 25-27 foot models usually offer a full bed in the back. Renting a 25-27 foot RVs are a good idea for families with one or two children. Groups with more than four adults should consider the 28-31 foot motor homes.

Plan early if you are considering RV rentals in Alaska. Most of the reputable companies that offer RV rentals in Alaska require advance reservations. Many of the RV rentals in Alaska are sold out by springtime. A deposit is generally required for Alaska RV rentals. Strict cancellation penalties are common, especially if you are using an Anchorage Alaska RV rental firm. Some Anchorage Alaska RV rental companies charge extra for mileage, kitchen set ups, bedding, insurance, dumping or cleaning. It behooves you to ask about extra fees so that you know the total cost of your Anchorage Alaska RV rental.

Alaska Affordable Motor Home Rental is an Alaska discount RV rental company. They provide clean, non-smoking RVs at affordable rates without compromising the services that they offer. This Alaska discount RV rental company features 22" to 31" class C motor homes starting at affordable daily rates. These rates include free unlimited miles within Alaska.

There are a number of other ways to get an Alaska discount RV rental. Some companies give a discount for paying in advance, others supply discounts if you show a copy of your own insurance. In the long run, if you take into account the costs of travel, lodging and restaurant dining, RV rentals in Alaska may well be one of the most economical ways to see the state.

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