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The discerning traveler will be quite pleased to discover that there are tours in Alaska for every type of vacation. For example, if you prefer to leave your travel plans to a professional Alaska travel guide, there are a number of pre-packaged, escorted tours in Alaska. If you seek security, these types of Alaska tours are ideal. They take the guesswork out of your travel plans by providing you with an exact dollar amount of the cost of the trip. Escorted tours in Alaska usually engage the services of an experienced Alaska travel guide, so you need not concern yourself with getting lost in the 49th Parallel.

Your professional Alaska travel guide will see to it that you do not miss the highlights of Alaska"s most popular tourist attractions. You will stay at large, comfortable hotels, and eat at the most popular restaurants for tourists. In general, your Alaska travel guide will be well versed in the art of travel troubleshooting. Issues such as lost luggage and inclement weather become the problem of the Alaska vacation tour company. Escorted tours in Alaska make it easy for people whose health would not permit them to travel through Alaska as solo travelers. Additionally, this sort of Alaska vacation tour is great for anyone who has limited vacation time. Tours in Alaska are either conducted by land, by sea, by air or a combination of two or three modes of travel.

There are also a number of tours in Alaska that cater to people other than time crunched, inexperienced travelers. In the past decade, the concept of the Alaska eco-tour has become a popular vacation idea. If you choose to partake in an Alaska eco-tour, you must agree to minimize the negative environmental impact on the areas of Alaska that you choose to visit. If you are interested in the Native American or Inuit culture, it is possible to find an Alaska eco-tour that explores the human ecology of the state.

Keep in mind that it has been far too easy for many travel companies to claim that they provide an Alaska eco-tour. For this reason, Alaska Wilderness, Recreation and Tourism Association have created some Alaska eco-tour guidelines. Before you plan you Alaska vacation tour, take a look at some of these guidelines:

·Businesses seek environmentally sustainable economic growth while minimizing visitor impacts on wild lands, wildlife, Native cultures, and local communities.

·Travel modes and facilities used maintain a low impact on the natural environment.

·There is an educational emphasis and purposeful desire for travelers to learn about the natural and cultural history of the places they visit.

·There is a formula for the business and guests to contribute to local non-profit efforts for environmental protection.

·At some point, a tour group becomes too large to be considered "ecotourism."

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