Animals in Alaska

There are a wonderful variety of wild animals that live in Alaska. Depending on where you visit, you can find a vast array of mammals, birds or marine life. Many of the wild animals that live in Alaska can be found in the state"s many wildlife refuges.

As home to the white polar bear, the brown or grizzly bear and the black bear, most of the Alaskan territory is considered bear country, or, as a camper or hiker may say, "beware" country. Bears are probably the most frequently seen wild animals that live in Alaska. The Kodiak bear calls the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge his home, which was established in 1941 in order to protect some of the Alaska native animals.

Alaska bears are not only found in the wild. They are often discovered in big cities such as Juneau, Anchorage and Fairbanks. Since they are often found near garbage dumpsters, it behooves you to exercise caution. Be particularly weary of mothers with cubs.

In 1928, 23 American Bison were transplanted to Alaska. They replaced the wild herd that had died out about 500 years ago. There are several hundred American Bison in Alaska. The Musk Ox was also reintroduced in order to restore a species of Alaska native animals that hunters eliminated in 1865. Although a number the Alaskanimals are native to the area, others are introduced species.

Alaska Native Animals

Animals of Alaska: Brown Bear

There are over 27,000 brown bears living in Alaska. Most of them reside on the Kodiak Island archipelago. The adult female bears are rarely seen on the road. Like any traditional housewife, they stay home to protect the babies. Since Mama Bear usually weighs between 400-600 pounds, you can bet that they don"t have a membership to Curves. However, with weights up to 1,500 pounds, Papa Bear is even bigger.

Animals of Alaska: Little Brown Bat

Don"t go into the attic! There are bats on the rafters! This tiny critter comes out at night to find the best places to do on insects. Weighing only 1/4 ounce, it has no need of the gym!

Animals of Alaska: Short-Tailed Weasel

Also known as ermine, this is animal is a highly active predator. Its fur turns white in the winter, which means it often ends up as a coat on the backs of wealthy women.

Animals in Alaska: Red Fox

Red Fox can either be red or silver. Although some black foxes can be seen in Alaska, they are considered to be a color phase of the red fox. Foxes can occasionally be seen along the Alaska road system.

Many of the animals in Alaska are introduced species. These include:

· Sitka Black-Tailed Deer · Roosevelt Elk · Mountain Goat · Muskrat · Beaver · Red Squirrel · Snowshoe Hare

Please remember that feeding the animals in Alaska can be dangerous to both humans as well as the animals themselves. If you are in bear country, make a lot of noise as you approach. Bears do not like surprises. If you are camping, do not keep food in your tent. Be especially weary of moose. They will attack without provocation.

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