Alaska Car Rental

Alaska rental cars can add flexibility and spontaneity to your Alaska vacation. In some cases, an Alaska car rental can result in a significant cost savings over other modes of transportation, particularly if you are traveling with more than three people.

Alaska rental cars, minivans and SUVs will tend to vary in make and price. However, one thing is a constant in Alaska. If you are planning an Alaska vacation, it behooves you to reserve your Alaska car rental as early as possible! Although you may be able to find an Alaska car rental during peak season, if you save the reservation process to the last minute, you might not find a vehicle that suits your travel plans.

While Alaska has the same basic highway laws and traditions as the other U.S. states, some Alaska car rental agencies do not allow their vehicles to be driven on rough gravel roads such as the Denali, Dalton, and Elliott and Steese highways. Be sure to check with the Alaska car rental agency about these policies.

The major highways between Seward, Anchorage, Denali Park and Fairbanks are all paved. Any type of vehicle can easily travel them. However, maximum speed limits range from 55 to 65 mph. Fuel is usually more expensive the further away from you get from Anchorage. One-way Alaska car rentals between Anchorage, Fairbanks or Seward are often available. However, companies that offer this service often charge a higher daily rate or a drop fee.

Driving on the back roads of Alaska can be true adventure. You need to be prepared for extreme weather and rugged conditions. Snow, ice, sleet, rain and torrential rain are possible at any time. Be sure that your Alaska car rental can handle these conditions. You also need to be aware of the large wildlife in Alaska. Watch for the moose crossing signs that are posted on the highways. If you see a moose on the highway, slow down to a stop. Be patient. Eventually he will get bored with inconveniencing you and get out of your way.

Most visitors to Alaska pick up their Anchorage Alaska car rental at or in the vicinity of the Anchorage airport. Since Anchorage is Alaska"s main airline hub, it often has the widest selection of Alaska rental cars. Additionally, most of the major Anchorage Alaska car rental companies have locations at the Anchorage Airport. However, if you want to save some money, it will be somewhat cheaper to pick up your Anchorage Alaska car rental at agencies that are located a few miles form the airport.

Have fun with your Alaska car rental, but drive safely.

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