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Juneau tours offer an excellent means by which to see this prosperous and scenic area of Alaska. From a whistle-stop tour in the city of Juneau itself to an expansive cruise of the fjords and waterways to the west of the state, you’ll find a heady variety of Juneau tours to choose from. Each inevitably offers its own perspective on the area, and as a result there’s a tour to suit nearly all tastes, from those who like to get their adrenaline pumping to those who enjoy taking life easy as they soak up their surroundings.

Tours of Juneau city tend to be one-day affairs. A popular option is the trolley cart tour, which takes place on an authentic Juneau tram and whisks you around the historic core of the city as a professional guide narrates what can be seen through the windows. These Juneau tours are particularly good for families, as the amount of physical effort you have to put in is minimal—the entire family can just sit down and enjoy the view! Another popular tour in Juneau first takes you around the downtown area and then shuttles you to the nearby Mendenhall Glacier, a massive sheet of ice that is probably Juneau’s standout attraction.

The Mendenhall Glacier is rightly the focal point for many Juneau tours, with operators and agencies set up just in order to offer visitors a view of this splendid natural phenomenon. Many of the operators set up stalls at the Juneau dock, which means those disembarking from boats and cruise liners can easily arrange a trip.

For adrenaline junkies, Juneau is unsurprisingly packed with a barrage of outdoor adventure opportunities. Dog sledding, for example, is a popular pursuit here, with a handful of companies offering the chance to carve through Juneau’s rugged scenery on a husky-led sled. Another exciting tour that proves popular with those who like to live life on the edge is a helicopter tour of the mountainous wilderness that surrounds the city of Juneau.

For something a little more sedate, a gold panning tour in Juneau offers fascinating insights into the industry that gave Juneau its historic prosperity. The tour will take you along the famous Alaska-Juneau mile, which was once one of the biggest gold mines in the world, while filling you in on the history of the place with informative and often astonishing anecdotes. You’ll also get the chance to pan for gold, which means you may end the tour with more money than when you started!

For many visitors to Juneau, this is a city that’s effectively a stop on a larger tour, as a vast amount of people come here thanks to the cruise liners that use it as a port of call. These cruises are run by a selection of companies, with larger lines such as Holland America Line proving to be ever-popular choices. Luxurious and exceptionally well-run, their cruises around Alaska rank up there with the best on offer.

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