Kenai River

The Alaska Kenai River is located on the Kenai Peninsula in south central Alaska. While there are a number of reasons to visit this destination, the Alaska Kenai River is a popular fishing destination. Kenai river fishing is known for its king salmon, silver salmon, red salmon, trout and deep-water halibut. In fact, if you take a Kenai River fishing trip in May, June or July you have a good chance of catching a trophy king salmon. Depending upon when you plan to take your Kenai River fishing trip, different types of fish will be waiting to be caught. This is a general schedule of the Alaska Kenai River run timing:

King Salmon (Chinook): First Run: May 11 - June 30, Second Run: July 1 - July 31

Silver Salmon (Coho) First Run: July 25 - August 31, Second Run September 1- October 31

Red Salmon (Sockeye) First Run: May 30 - June 25, Second Run July 10 - August 15

Pink Salmon (Humpy) July 25 - August 31 Only on Even Numbered Years

Rainbow Trout May - October

Dolly Varden Entire Year

Halibut May 1 - October 31

During the summer, fishermen are not the only ones who are interested in salmon. Be prepared to share the feast with the Kenai River bears. The Kenai River bears are an interesting species. If you are in their territory, keep in mind, that like many other Alaska animals, they are adverse to surprises. If possible, travel with a group and try to be noisy.

The Kenai River bears are also intolerant of any sort of crowding. If you invade their personal space, they may assume that you are dinner. Considering that they only six months to build up fat stores before their winter bedtime, the bears are always hungry. Keep that in mind when you are on a camping trip. Store food where it cannot be reached by a hungry bear and dispose of garbage appropriately. Make sure to wash your cooking utensils, and keep the smell of food off your clothing.

After you have explored the Kenai River, be sure to visit the other towns along the Kenai River such as Seward and Homer. Additionally, if you are interested in Alaska animals, you might want to explore the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.

If your interests lie in Alaskan history, you will want to visit Fort Kenay, which is a replica of the Old Russian Orthodox Church School that was built in 1900.

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