Creek Street Ketchikan

Ketchikan Creek Street
Ketchikan Creek Street

The tiny city of Ketchikan boasts a handful of tourist attractions that prove memorable in a quaint sort of way. One of these is Creek Street Ketchikan, the town’s attractive shopping mile. In fairness, you don’t have to be a shopper to enjoy Creek Street; this is an authentic slice of Ketchikan history, and it provides as much for the tourist interested in the past as it does for those who simply want to shop and drop. Creek Street Ketchikan is an interesting, visually impressive place, and it’s well worth a visit no matter what activities you have in mind.

Creek Street is both famous and infamous. It’s famous for its architecture, as Creek Street is an enchanting boardwalk that sits on wooden stilts above the Ketchikan creek; the purpose of its buildings, meanwhile, lends it its notoriety, as this used to be the city’s red-light area. Today Creek Street Ketchikan has thankfully lost this latter attribute—its brothels have been replaced with boutiques and restaurants, transforming a once-seedy wooden street into the town’s foremost tourist attraction.

It’s easy to spend hours indulging in Creek Street shopping thanks to the caliber of shops on offer here. Most are small artisan’s shops; Ketchikan is known as an area that attracts artists (thanks, probably, to the searing beauty of the natural landscape around it), and many display their wares along the town’s standout shopping stretch. Consequently, you’ll find a wonderful array of trinkets, carvings, embroidery, and paintings here. The street is also populated with a fair few museums and galleries, which means you can still enjoy perusing the area even if you don’t wish to splash the cash.

Given the popularity of Creek Street shopping, it comes as little surprise that you’ll also find some of Ketchikan’s very best restaurants along the boardwalk, providing ample sustenance for those in need of relaxation after some shopping. Hanging out in one of the restaurants or coffee shops along Creek Street Ketchikan is a great way to experience life here, as you can while away many happy hours nibbling a treat or sipping a coffee while watching the world go by.

A Creek Street walking tour provides a popular way of experiencing this beautiful part of Ketchikan, Alaska. Led by a knowledgeable tour guide, you’re led around the Creek Street shopping stretch and told of the various historical facts and anecdotes that relate to individual buildings here. The tours also give you ample time to explore the shops by yourselves, meaning you can mix an educational experience with a bit of retail therapy.

For visitors who arrive in Ketchikan on a cruise, Creek Street is one of the headlining excursions normally offered. Other shore trips include a tour around the Saxman Native Village, and a fishing trip that takes a chartered boat out into the waters around Ketchikan. Ketchikan is known as the Salmon Capital of the World; take a boat out into the waters here and you may well make that prized photo-opportunity catch.

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