Ketchikan Cruise Ship Dock

The city of Ketchikan is a popular tourist destination; this is easily apparent from the number of cruise ships arriving at the Ketchikan cruise ship dock. The town was originally a fishing camp, with much of the town built over the water that currently provides the ideal location for shopping venues on the main pier at dock.

Visitors can find a variety of stores selling everything including furs, jewelry, local handcrafted items, outdoor products and equipment, and canned Alaskan salmon along the waterfront and Creek Street.

Passengers with a stopover at the Ketchikan cruise ship dock can take advantage of the layover time to try one of the many tours in the city, including guided sightseeing tours, including sightseeing trips by plane, or harbor cruises that take three to four hours. Crabbing tours are also available for anyone who's especially interested in the local fishing industry.

At the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau, maps are available directing visitors along a route with numbered signs that starts downtown and includes stops at local museums, attractions, restaurants, and retail shopping stores. The walking tour takes about an hour.

If there is a longer layover time, travelers can take advantage of the local scenic landscape by enjoying additional activities including kayaking trips, boating expeditions, hiking through the national forest, bike riding, snorkeling, and sport fishing charters. Jeeps, motorcycles, and 4-wheel-drive vehicles are available for rent to explore Misty Fjords National Monument, one of the area's most popular attractions.

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