Ketchikan Tours

Thanks to the many things to do in the small Alaskan city of Ketchikan, there are a number of tours here that await the incoming vacationer. These Ketchikan tours can basically be split into three categories: city tours, nature tours, and adventure tours. Take a look at the following to help in your research when it comes to selecting the Ketchikan Alaska tour that best suits your needs.

If you’re interested to find out about the city of Ketchikan itself, it’s worth taking a city tour. These will whisk you around various parts of the town, providing anecdotal insight into its history as you go. An example of this type of Ketchikan Alaska tour is the Creek Street walking tour. Creek Street is probably Ketchikan’s most famous street. A broadwalk that’s suspended on wooden stilts above Ketchikan Creek, it is home to a number of wondrous little boutique shops, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and coffee shops. The walking tour will guide you around these while explaining the streets less salubrious past. (It used to be Ketchikan’s infamous red-light district.)

For those who want to get closer to the rugged natural landscape that surrounds the city, meanwhile, there are plenty of Ketchikan tours on offer. A popular one is a bear-watching tour. Thanks to the salmon that regularly migrate through the waters here, the area around Ketchikan is effectively one large feeding spot for the great bears native to Alaska. These magnificent beasts can be viewed from a handful of specially crafted viewing decks and observatories, such as the one at Traitor’s Cove. The Ketchikan Alaska Tour that heads here will include a two-way twenty-minute flight to the viewing site in the price.

Fishing tours are also immensely popular Ketchikan tours, though whether you categorize them as nature tours or adventure tours probably depends on whether you plan to catch and release. Ketchikan is often referred to as the Salmon Capital of the World; sportfishing here is a major draw, providing anglers, from the amateur to the professional, with the chance to do battle with some of the biggest salmon in the world.

Sportfishing is just a taste of the adrenaline-pumping adventure tours available in Ketchikan. Kayaking and canopy walks are both popular tours with vacationers here thanks to their combination of breathtaking scenery and physical activities. Another exciting way to experience Ketchikan is by air, with a number of companies running so-called flightseeing programs. These can often be pricey affairs, but that’s probably fair since the chance to fly over sweeping fjords and towering mountains is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Booking a tour is of little difficulty in Ketchikan; tourism is one of the main industries here, and consequently booking stalls and offices are found everywhere. Indeed, for those who arrive on a Holland America ship or other cruise line, one of the first things they encounter is a mass of Ketchikan tour operators, who set up shop along the dock and wait for cruise liners to arrive in the port. Consequently, being a tourist here is not only a lot of fun—it’s also very easy!

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