Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak Alaska is a beautiful, albeit remote city in the southeasterly portion of the state. It is the principle city on Kodiak Island, which is set apart from mainland Alaska to the south and east. Any and all commercial goods traveling in and out of Kodiak Island pass either by ferry or plane through the city of Kodiak, which boasts a whopping population of less than 7,000 people. Although Kodiak AK is first and foremost a commercial fishing center, it is also a popular destination for game hunting and fishing, as well as a host of other outdoor activities.

One of the chief appeals of Kodiak Alaska is that it is almost entirely unspoiled. Residents and visitors live in harmony with the often inclement weather and adapt to the long winters. The reward is some of the most majestic landscape in the entire United States. The Kodiak archipelago was carved from glaciers thousands of years ago. They left in their place breathtaking mountains, awe-inspiring bays, and deep valleys. The undisturbed land provides a perfect setting for the marine life and broad diversity of land animals that can be found on the island. In order to maintain the integrity of these fragile and all-important ecosystems, there are strict rules regarding hunting and fishing, as well as hiking near spawning streams.

Guidelines for fishing and hunting are established to protect the environment. The regulations are also in place because Kodiak Alaska happens to be one of the most desirable places for large game hunting in the world. One big reason for this is the presence of the Kodiak bear. Other game includes elk and black tail deer. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game offer brochures on local rules and regulations and you can purchase licenses at the sporting goods store in Kodiak.

Those planning fishing trips to Kodiak will also need to obtain a license to enjoy the seemingly boundless spoils of these waters. Salmon and halibut are just two of the fish you can expect to find in abundance. There are secluded beaches, over twenty lakes, and of course the wide-open ocean in which to fish. You can rent your own boat or charter a craft for a deep sea fishing expedition. You can also take driving tours of the island with knowledgeable guides who know the area intimately.

There is a decent selection of Kodiak Alaska hotels, most of them falling into the category of budget accommodations. These are primarily chain hotels. There are also a variety of bed and breakfasts and inns in Kodiak. The majority of the guest accommodations are concentrated in the city, however there are a select few options near the Kodiak Airport. All of the hotels in the city offer brochures and information about area activities, including fishing, hunting, and hiking. The bed and breakfast or lodge experience may be the best option in Kodiak for those who wish to enjoy the full rustic appeal of this Alaskan sea town.

Image: thedamian (flickr)
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