Sitka Fishing Charters

The Alaskan city of Sitka, which is situated in a borough that bears the same name, is a popular destination for fishing vacations. Thanks to its location, Sitka fishing charters ply routes through both saltwater and freshwater fishing hotspots, and there’s an array of species to be caught here, from salmon to halibut, grayling, and trout. As a visitor, getting yourself on a fishing charter in Sitka is of no difficulty at all—tourism is a healthy industry here, and there are companies that offer all types of fishing trips, especially as it's one of the most popular shore excursions for visitors arriving on Alaska cruises.

In terms of when to go, Sitka fishing charters can be booked year-round, thanks to the permanent presence of king salmon in the waters that surround the area. Trout, grayling, and rockfish also inhabit these waters for twelve months of the year, though thanks to the prized nature of the huge king salmon, they’re normally considered lesser catches. Whatever you’re looking to catch, however, the very best times to board a fishing charter in Sitka are in summer and autumn, with the peak season running roughly between late June and early October. Sitka fishing charters that go out on the waters during these periods stumble across monster sea fish without even having to try; they all but guarantee a huge catch, whatever level of experience you may have.

A major benefit of taking a fishing charter during the summer is the weather. Sitka is considered pretty rainy all year round by normal standards, but it’s still considerably more hospitable during the summer months, when clear days aren’t out of the ordinary. Vacationers heading here are advised to bring warm clothes and ideally some waterproof layers, though there are plenty of shops at hand should you need some last-minute supplies.

A vacation that includes a fishing charter in Sitka may mean one of a few things. Some fishing charters are simply available for the day; you turn up in Sitka, find a charter that’s due to go out the following morning, and join the fun. Others offer more all-inclusive packages. For example, some Sitka fishing charters will arrange your entire stay in the area. Their packages include the charter itself; accommodation, which invariably comes in the form of beautiful, isolated fishing lodges; on-land transportation; and food (no prizes for guessing the menu tends to feature lots of wonderfully prepared fresh fish!). These companies will also sort out the less interesting side of sportfishing: namely, the documentation that has to be filled out before you can take to the seas.

The vast majority of visitors to Sitka have fishing at the forefront of their plans, though that’s not to say it’s the city’s only attraction. This is a small and enchanting place that’s buried deep among some simply breathtaking scenery—hiking, biking, and kayaking are all popular activities in Sitka, each providing a great means by which to get to know the landscape more intimately. For those who don’t want to expend too much energy, meanwhile, Sitka’s Totem Park is a more sedate, though no less interesting, tourist destination here.

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