Prince William Sound Glacier Tours

While there are an infinite number of Alaska cruise options, a cruise through the Prince William Sound Glacier is a memorable event. Prince William Sound Glacier cruises Prince William Sound Glacier cruises are a convenient and affordable way to explore Alaska. The cruise departure point is only one hour out of Anchorage. Since the waters will be calm on your Prince William Sound Glacier tour, seasickness is not an issue. You also do not have to worry about rainy weather. If it rains during your Prince William Sound Glacier tour, the waterfalls will be even more spectacular.

When you take any of the Prince William Sound Glacier tours, you will discover that Prince William Sound has the densest concentration of tidewater glaciers in the entire world. Some of these glaciers flow for miles. They begin on the ice-capped peaks and end their journey on the icy cliffs that tower majestically above the water.

Prince William Sound Glacier tours offer you a chance to feast your eyes on some magnificent sights. Observe the abundance of Alaska animals and marvel at the waterfalls while you luxuriate on the cruise ship. Prince William Sound Glacier tours also give you the chance to observe the history of glaciations, as you watch the newly-de-glaciated hillsides and the ancient moraines.

All of the tours depart from Whittier. Once you board the ship, your captain will take you on a Whittier Glacier cruise along Prince William Sound. Various cruise lengths are available, depending on your preference. However, the four-hour Whittier Glacier cruise is suggested for families.

If you want to explore more of the territory, you might want to consider one of the six hour Whittier Glacier cruise. This cruise stops at the Wally Noerenberg Hatchery, which is the largest pink salmon hatchery in North America. If you take a summer Whittier Glacier cruise, you can see the bears and bald eagles hungrily awaiting the salmon release.

Prince William Sound and the town Of Whittier offer delightful attractions for the entire family. Be sure to put a Prince William Sound Glacier tour on your Alaska travel itinerary.

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