Antelope Canyon Entrance

The main Antelope Canyon entrance for most visitors is the opening of the Upper Antelope Canyon, one of the two halves of this popular slot canyon in Arizona. This entrance—and the full canyon—are at ground level and require no climbing to access or explore. The entrance to Lower Antelope Canyon is a slot in the ground, and some climbing on fixed metal stairways is required to get both in and out. Still, it’s a relatively easy attraction for most travelers to access, and this amazing slot canyon is one of the most beautiful and memorable tourist attractions in Arizona.

Both of the entrances for the Antelope Slot Canyon can be found on Navajo land just outside of the Arizona city of Page. Route 98 is the avenue of choice when trying to get there from the south side of Page. Once you reach the canyon area, you can find the Upper Antelope Canyon entrance on the southern side of Route 98, while the Lower Antelope Canyon entrance is on the northern side. A general parking area off the road is available.

There is a small entrance fee for everyone over the age of 7, and guided tours are required to enter. As part of the Navajo Tribal Park, the canyon is restricted to visitors without an official Navajo tour guide. Antelope Canyon tours help make the most of this fascinating spot, however, so it’s well worth arranging, as the guides can explain the significance of the site to Navajo culture.

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