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Arizona is a popular state to visit for many reasons. Among the top things to do in Arizona is head to the Grand Canyon, which is a truly unique destination. If you like golf, Arizona golf has everything you could want, and in the winter, its mountains serve the skier's needs very well. Many people have never seen a desert before, and the desert landscapes of Arizona are among some of the best in the United States. If you are looking for hotels in Arizona, then you are in luck, because they abound all over the state. Whether its discount Arizona hotels you are after, or you prefer the upscale approach, Arizona has you covered. The Arizona weather differs greatly between the mountains and the desert, and deciding when to go to Arizona is largely decided on your preference for temperatures. When you do go to Arizona, regardless of when you are there, the hotels in Arizona will more than cover your needs.

North to south, almost in a straight line, the cities of Phoenix, Flagstaff and Tucson are likely entry points for flights to Arizona, and all of these cities are worthy of a visit. You can usually find nice discount Arizona hotels near the major airports in these cities, and there will be plenty of other budget options that abound. Phoenix, being the capital of Arizona and also its largest city will have arguably the biggest selection of hotels in Arizona, and the Phoenix hotels definitely cover every budget. Among the choices for Phoenix hotels are hotels and motels, and some world-class resorts. Golfers can look for deals at the Phoenix hotels and resorts, and if you want to be downtown, there are a number of choice hotels awaiting your visit. About 135 miles north of Phoenix, Flagstaff rests at the crossroads of interstates 40 and 17. Flagstaff is a mountain town, and in the winter, skiers will want to check out the local terrain and consider staying at one of the Flagstaff AZ hotels. The Flagstaff AZ hotels cover every budget, and when you stay here, you have so much close by to explore. About 80 miles to the north of Flagstaff is where the venerable Grand Canyon is found, and there are a wide array of Grand Canyon tours that can be arranged from Flagstaff. Also, if you choose to stay at the Flagstaff AZ hotels, the red rocks of Sedona are not far off to the south. For a real treat near Sedona, take the chance to visit the Montezuma Castle National Monument. To the east of Flagstaff, near the town of Winslow, the Meteor Crater continues to stun both scientists and casual visitors.

In the southern region of Arizona, not far from the border of Mexico, the beautiful city of Tucson has been growing steadily, as have the choices for Tucson hotels. Resting in a Sonora Desert valley, Tucson is a surrounded by four mountain ranges, and it is a gleaming jewel. Many people who stay in the Tucson hotels likely have it in mind to visit Saguaro National Park, which is nearby. Words can't do Saguaro National Park justice, so you'll just have to see it to believe it. Perhaps even more qualified as a "see it to believe it" place in Arizona is the Grand Canyon. There are a large number of Grand Canyon hotels that you can choose from, and in the nearby town of Williams, there are plenty of great choices for discount Arizona hotels. The Grand Canyon lodges are where many visitors to the canyon stay, or at the hotels near the South Rim, but the Flagstaff hotels more than suffice if you have a tour scheduled. You'll want to book your room at one of the Grand Canyon hotels ASAP, especially during the busy summertime, when rooms can be exceedingly hard to come by. The Grand Canyon hotels fit every budget and need, so if you are worried about where to stay close to the Grand Canyon, it should be the least of your worries.

Other places of interest in Arizona where you will find some great Arizona hotels, are Scottsdale and Tempe. Scottsdale, which is found adjacent to Phoenix is known internationally for its posh, upscale aspect. Among the Scottsdale hotels are some of the best resorts and 5-star accommodations in the state. Secure a room at one of the Scottsdale hotels and you are bound to feel rather pampered. For a nice experience for a lower price in Scottsdale, you might consider the Best Western Papago Inn, which The New York Times dubbed as, "Scottsdale's finest little resort". If your budget doesn't allow for one of the finer Scottsdale hotels, there are choices for some of the chain brand discount Arizona hotels. Tempe is also found in the Phoenix area, and it is home to Arizona State University, meaning you can bet there are plenty of Tempe hotels to choose from.

If you are looking strictly for discount Arizona hotels, you will find plenty of good deals online, and if you visit some of the Arizona golf resorts in the offseason, which is the hot dead of summer, you can often find some significantly reduced rates. There is so much to see and do in Arizona, that you could really use about 3 vacations if you want to begin to see it all. At Lake Havasu, you can visit the Havasu London Bridge, which is the real London Bridge. Does that pique your interest? Come to Arizona and get to the bottom of it all, or at least to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, where the whitewater rafting is some of the best in the world. On the Utah border, Lake Powell will dazzle you, and just outside of Las Vegas, Lake Mead is another large Arizona lake that is more than impressive. Wherever you want to be in Arizona, there are plenty of Arizona hotels where you can rest your head for the night and do it all again tomorrow.

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