Arizona State Fair

The Arizona State Fair is a large event that draws more than 1 million visitors on an annual basis. There's something for everyone to enjoy at this multi-faceted event, including a crowd-pleasing demolition derby, and thanks to the fact that it lasts three weeks, there is plenty of time to take it all in. Since the Arizona State Fair tickets are reasonably-priced, multiple visits might be in order, especially since each day offers special events of its own. The concerts at the Arizona State Fair figure among the most popular events, and for good reason.

Arizona State Fair history sees this large annual event starting out as a territorial fair in 1884. Originally held along the banks of the Salt River in Phoenix, it moved to its current location just north of Phoenix's Downtown core in the early 1900s. Over time, the Arizona State Fair became less of a local event and more of a regional extravaganza.

The Arizona State Fair consistently ranks among the top state fairs in the country, and it owes a lot of its popularity to the quality of its concerts. The concerts at the Arizona State Fair are free, provided that you buy general admission tickets, and since the seating is limited, it can be a good idea to pay extra for reserved seats. Buying reserved seats is an especially good idea if you have a particular artist in mind. Past acts include a number of renowned performers, including Bob Dylan, so the available seats can go very fast. In addition to the concerts at the Arizona State Fair, those who pay the general admission price can also enjoy any other number of events without having to pay extra, and these events include rodeos, an arm wrestling competition, and a Native American dance performance.

The Arizona State Fair offers a healthy collection of rides to go with its events, not to mention a vast array of food booths, and hundreds of other booths that specialize in commercial sales. There is also a special Kids Fun Zone for the little ones. At the Kids Fun Zone, kids can make jewelry and play fun games, and special tours offer insight into a variety of farm animals. There is an array of carnival rides and food. The rides and food cost extra, and various ride packages are available to help visitors find the right deal for them.

Mid-October is when the Arizona State Fair gets under way, and it runs all the way into early November. The fair opens at noon Tuesday through Friday, and 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. When looking to buy Arizona State Fair tickets, it is worth noting that there are different packages for both admission and rides. The relatively new Season Passes allow for unlimited admission, making it the most attractive ticket option for those who are planning multiple visits. As far as getting a good deal on Arizona State Fair tickets, it is often possible to save some money when buying them in advance. You can also get a few dollars off by presenting a ticket stub from the Phoenix Zoo if you prefer buying your tickets at the gate.

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