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If your Arizona travel plans bring you to the Grand Canyon, there are a variety of Grand Canyon tours you can take. When planning your visit to the canyon, keep in mind that the North Rim and South Rim are 210 miles apart. It's best to allow at least two days in the area in order to appreciate the diversity of the entire canyon.

Arizona Tours
Arizona Tours

If the South Rim is your starting point, you can take a short, morning hike on the Bright Angel Trail. In the afternoon, when it's often too warm to hike, check the visitors center for times and location s of the park rangers presentations. Not only will the rangers provide you with an understanding of the fascinating topography and wildlife of the Grand Canyon, they can inform you of the various Grand Canyon tours that are available.

In the late afternoon, when the weather begins to cool off, hop on the shuttle that travels along the Hermits Rest Route. Unload at any of the stops, and take a quiet, peaceful walk along the West Rim Trail. Many people plan their Arizona vacations specifically to see the Grand Canyon sunrises and sunsets. Indeed these are sights that should not be missed. Do not forget to take your camera! In early evening, make sure you get to Hopi Point, to watch the sunset. The next morning, head up to the Watchtower on South Rim and watch the sun rise from Desert View.

If you are beginning your Arizona travel on the North Rim, there are some other interesting Grand Canyon tours you can take. Try to wake up before dawn, so that you can watch the sun rise at Imperial Point. You can then take a hike along any of the rim trails, which include the Transept Trail, The Uncle Jim Trail and the Widfross Trail.

Aside from hiking the Grand Canyon by foot, some plan Arizona vacations that include helicopter tours. These tours usually originate from either Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon Airport, which is located on the South Rim of the canyon. Las Vegas Grand Canyon Tours, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters and Sundance Helicopters are just a few of the tour operators available. Some trips are combined with either hiking, bus, jeep or Hummer tours. This is an excellent way to do a considerable amount of Arizona sightseeing in a short period of time.

Grand Canyon Helicopter and Airplane Tours can provide you with some highly unique Arizona sightseeing experiences. On the Havasupai Heli Hiking Tour, your plane lands at the Havasupai Reservation. Located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, this spectacular Native American Village is famous for its blue-green waterfalls. In fact, the word Havasupai translates to People of the Blue-Green Waters. A guided horseback tour will take you to the waterfalls. The village also has a general store, a cafe and a lodge.

After learning about a bit of Native American culture, many people find themselves interested in doing some more Arizona sightseeing. A number of bus companies provide comfortable ways to tour Arizona. Euro-Alaska Tours, Gray Line Arizona and Arizona Coach Tours are the most well-known. However, your hotel concierge can advise you about local tour operators.

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