Arizona Car Rentals

Arizona is the sixth largest state in the USA. With 116,006 square miles of spectacular scenery, you might consider renting a car. Fortunately, car rentals in Arizona are easy to come by. The larger rental companies have locations in Arizona. Additionally, there are some smaller, independent companies that offer Arizona car rentals.

If you have young children and wish to rent an SUV, some car rental companies in Arizona require children under a certain age to be secured in a car seat. You can either bring your own, or rent one from the company. If you decide to bring your own car seat, make certain that the company has the proper fittings.

Keep in mind that most car rental companies in Arizona require you to drive the vehicle on paved, maintained roads. If you drive off-road, you will be in violation of your rental agreement. If you want to go off the beaten path, plan to spend some time exploring by foot.

If you plan to travel through the downtown sections of Arizona's cities, keep in mind the parking regulations. For example, many areas of Tucson require a parking permit. For this reason, downtown Tucson has over 12 parking garages and 1,000 parking meters. Be sure to ask your Tucson car rental company about parking restrictions. Also, keep in mind that car rentals in Tucson, as in many cities, will be more expensive at the airport. It may be preferable to take a shuttle into the city, and rent from a Tucson car rental company in the downtown area. However, since most shuttles charge per person, if there are many people in your party, using a Tucson Airport car rental company might be the economical choice. Another option is to choose a hotel that has a free airport shuttle. Upon your arrival, have the car rental company pick you up at your hotel and drive you to its office.

In addition to car rentals, there are other transportation options for travel in Arizona. Your choice of transportation depends on the type of Arizona vacation you prefer. If you have your own RV, there are a number of RV campsites throughout Arizona. Many offer free shuttle buses to the attractions.

Greyhound buses stop at all of Arizona's major cities, as well as the towns along the interstate. Amtrak trains cross Arizona on two transcontinental routes. Amtrak can sell you a ticket to Phoenix. From there, you can take a free shuttle bus to Flagstaff or Tucson. Another option is to take Amtrak to Williams and transfer to the Grand Canyon Railway.

While these Arizona travel options may be somewhat viable, keep in mind that most of Arizona's vacation attractions are only accessible by car. If you don not wish to rent a car on your Arizona vacation, there are a number of companies that provide local tours.

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