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Arizona cabins come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can make ideal places to stay for those who enjoy the great outdoors. While some of the cabins that you can rent across the state are relatively luxurious, boasting things such as plush leather furnishings, upscale kitchens, and inviting decks with hot tubs, others are quite simple, offering little more than four walls and simple beds. Regardless of your taste or preference, there are Arizona cabins that can suit your needs, and at some of the state's various parks, it is also possible to stay in an affordable yurt. A yurt is essentially a tepee-like structure that is low on frills but good on price.

For some travelers who are interested in renting a cabin in the beautiful Southwest, the Flagstaff Arizona rental cabins will figure among the most attractive, and for good reason. Flagstaff enjoys an excellent location, not to mention a scenic mountain setting, and there are a number of good cabins in the area to consider. The Arizona Mountain Inn has seventeen cabins that outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of during a Flagstaff trip, and these cabins can accommodate up to sixteen people, depending on which one you book. Some are smaller, offering one- or two-bedrooms, while the larger ones have three bedrooms. While not luxurious, the rental cabins at the Arizona Mountain Inn are comfortable and well equipped. Standard amenities include either a kitchen or a kitchenette, a barbecue grill, a fireplace, and a private bathroom.

Not all of the Flagstaff Arizona rental cabins are affiliated with a hotel or a campground, and travelers who are visiting the area will want to consider all of the options. A cabin that stands on its own outside of town can be the ideal way to go, and there are some very well-equipped ones to choose from. One of the cabins near Flagstaff, for example, offers satellite TV, a DVD player, a washer and a dryer, a full kitchen with tons of appliances, and a two car garage. Northern Arizona cabins are very popular, partly because of the fact that the northern part of the state is home to such attractions as the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, and the Petrified Forest National Park. Flagstaff offers good proximity to all the top attractions in northern Arizona, and this is a big reason why the Flagstaff cabins tend to fill up fast.

While the Flagstaff Arizona rental cabins are relatively close to the Grand Canyon, some travelers will prefer a cabin that is actually found within the borders of Grand Canyon National Park. In this case, the Bright Angel Lodge is not to be overlooked. While not overly luxurious, the cabins at this Grand Canyon Lodge enjoy an exceptional location, with the rim cabins being understandably more expensive. All of the cabins feature cable TV and private baths, and there are four rim cabins with fireplaces. The Maswik Lodge also offers cabins in Grand Canyon National Park, and they are rustic and available in the summertime. It is also possible to stay at a cabin on the canyon floor, thanks to the Phantom Ranch. The eleven cabins at this ranch are also rustic, with amenities including bunk beds, a toilet, a cold water sink, some soap, and some towels. Communal showers are available at a central hub.

Heading south of the Grand Canyon, those who are interested in northern Arizona cabins might look near the cities of Prescott and Sedona in addition to Flagstaff. The cabins in Prescott can be found in good number, with the surrounding Prescott National Forest being home to diverse array. Some are akin to luxury vacation rentals, while others are simpler abodes that are ideal for budget travelers or those who simply don't require a ton of amenities. A cozy creekside cottage with a hot tub in the Prescott National Forest can always make an excellent alternative to the Prescott hotels.

In Sedona, the gorgeous red rock setting is reason enough to keep this city in mind when looking for northern Arizona cabins. Canyon Wren, which is a unique bed and breakfast, offers two private cabins in the breathtakingly beautiful Oak Creek Canyon woods, and these cabins have received more than their fair share of praise over the years. If you can't get one of these well-equipped and well-priced Sedona cabins, there are other attractive ones to choose from in the general area.

These are just some of the options when it comes to renting Arizona cabins, and there are many more that can be entertained. The northern Arizona cabins are the most popular on the whole, not only because of the fact that they are close to a number of top notch attractions. The relatively high elevation and generally cooler temperatures in areas such as Flagstaff also have a lot to do with the popularity of the northern cabins. The higher you go in Arizona, the cooler the air, making the cabins in the northern especially attractive during the warmer months.

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