Four Corners

Four Corners is only place in the country where four states meet, and because of this unique distinction, it is a popular US travel destination. The states that come together at this unique destination are Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado. For those who visit the Four Corners Monument, it is possible to stand in all four of them at the same time. Spectacular vistas and wonderful natural and manmade attractions abound in this dazzling region, so this intriguing monument isn't the only thing worth checking out when passing through.

The Four Corners region is largely comprised of Navajo reservation land, with Hopi reservation land also near the point where the four different states meet. The Navajo Nation operates the Four Corners Monument, and it is worth noting that their reservation is the largest in the country. In addition to visiting the monument to stand in four states at the same time, anyone visiting the Four Corners area can also get plenty of cultural exposure between the Hopi and Navajo communities. Many of the Hopis and Navajos live much as their ancestors did, and among the more common sites in the area are traditional Navajo homes made of logs, which are known as hogans. The desert landscape is breathtaking, and all attempts should be made to explore nearby attractions such as Monument Valley. This valley boasts some of the most dramatic desert scenery on the face of the earth, with soaring buttes defining much of the landscape.

Some of the best attractions in the Southwest lie within reach of the Four Corners Monument, and they include the Grand Canyon. On the Arizona and Utah border to the west of the monument is Lake Powell, and as is true of the Grand Canyon, it gets more than its fair share of visitors. It's easy to see why the hotels near Four Corners Arizona are often full when you consider these nearby attractions alone. Adding to the possibilities when it comes to things to do in the Four Corners area is the fact that Mesa Verde National Park is relatively close by in Colorado, while the drive to Santa Fe New Mexico only takes a couple of hours.

A night or two at one of the hotels near Four Corners Arizona is worth considering when planning a vacation to the Southwest, and you just might find that staying in the area for a longer period of time will be tempting. Perhaps you'll add a side trip to Moab Utah for some unforgettable mountain biking, or maybe the two-hour drive south to Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park will be in order. The blue desert sky is virtually the limit when it comes to things to do in the Four Corners region, and if nothing else, saying that you stood in four states at once is worth bragging about.

The Four Corners region is more than just a destination. In many ways, it is also a state of mind. There's just something about the notion of standing in four states at once, and this lure more than justifies the reasonable fees to access the Four Corners Monument. The monument itself is a raised, stone patio of sorts that is inlaid with the name of the four states and a central marker that focuses on the point where they meet. Souvenirs are for sale at the monument if you want to pick up a keepsake, and it's essentially a must to have at least one picture taken while you straddle all four states.

For travelers who are interested in the hotels near Four Corners Arizona, all of the area hotels are a relatively healthy drive from the monument, and there aren't a lot of options in terms of luxury. That being said, the rates are relatively friendly across the board at the regional lodging establishments, making a stop in the area worth keeping in mind even if you're on a budget. The closest of the hotels near Four Corners Arizona is the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel Resort in Towaoc Colorado, which offers good rooms at a good price. In addition to being relatively spacious, all of the guest units at the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel have good amenities, with king-sized beds, couches, cable TV, microwaves, and mini fridges figuring among the standard amenities. Camping is also possible at the Ute Mountain Casino Hotel Resort, with both RV and tent spaces available. Guests can always try to win some money at the hotel's casino, where both slots and table games provide plenty of action.

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