Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Grand Canyon bus tours are some of the most popular Grand Canyon tours offered, largely due to the fact that they are both affordable and practical. Due to its relatively remote location, getting to the Grand Canyon can be a task in and of itself, so when you finally arrive, you might find yourself not wanting to do a bunch of driving. After all, you are on vacation and so you might as well leave the driving up to somebody else. Grand Canyon bus tours let you sit back and enjoy some of the best views of the canyon and the surrounding area. Whether you are coming from Las Vegas or are looking to add a Grand Canyon bus trip to your Arizona-based vacation, you will find plenty of opportunities to arrange an informative and fun bus tour Grand Canyon experience.

Grand Canyon bus tours are best enjoyed in the summer, spring and fall when the roads are less likely to be affected by snowfall. Most visitors to the Grand Canyon National Park choose to arrive at the South Rim, where you will find Grand Canyon Village and the majority of Grand Canyon tourism-related facilities. From the South Rim, visitors can select from a few different bus tour Grand Canyon options that highlight some of the best canyon attractions and views. Among the main South Rim Grand Canyon bus tours are the Hermits Rest Tour, the Desert View Tour, the Sunset Tour and the Sunrise Tour. If you want, you can also combine any two of the tours, with the option of doing both on the same day or on different days. The Hermits Rest tour is a two-hour trip that features stops at various overlook points, the most important being Hermits Rest, where you will find a native stone building dating back to 1914. On the Desert View tour, your Grand Canyon bus trip covers around 50 miles and lasts approximately 4 hours. As opposed to the Hermits Rest tour, which heads west from Grand Canyon Village, the Desert View tour takes guests along the eastern rim. A highlight of this tour is the stop at the “Watchtower Observatory” for views that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Both of these tours afford party members various views of the Colorado River and its rapids, which may inspire some to start planning a Grand Canyon white water rafting trip. The Sunrise and Sunset tours last about 1.5 hours each, and they offer stunning views of the canyon as its colors change with the rising and setting sun.

If you are vacationing in Arizona and are not staying at the Grand Canyon, but would like to visit it, then you can arrange a Grand Canyon bus trip from your preferred destination. Whether you are enjoying the city sights in Pheonix, or are moving about on a quest to find the best Arizona golf courses, you can find a Grand Canyon bus trip from the more popular Arizona tourist destinations. Often considered “the gateway to the Grand Canyon”, the city of Flagstaff is just 75 miles south of the Grand Canyon and Grand Canyon bus tours from Flagstaff are a great way to explore a handful of attractions both at the canyon and along the way. Sedona, Arizona is just 110 miles south of the Grand Canyon, and its breathtaking beauty attracts some 4 million visitors every year, many of whom compliment the experience with a bus tour Grand Canyon escape. From Phoenix, the trip is a bit longer, as the state’s largest city rests some 225 miles south of the Grand Canyon. A premier travel destination in its own right, visitors to Phoenix will be happy to learn that they can arrange a number of tours to the Grand Canyon, including Grand Canyon bus tours.

Outside of Arizona, Las Vegas accounts for the greatest number of Grand Canyon bus tours, with enough options to satisfy almost every Las Vegas travel itinerary. In fact, Las Vegas, due to its proximity to the Grand Canyon, is a hotbed for all kinds of Grand Canyon tours, with the bus tours sharing in popularity with the Grand Canyon helicopter tours that depart from the Las Vegas area. While a plane ride or helicopter trip to the canyon from Las Vegas can start in the hundreds of dollars, the most popular Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus trip starts at under $100 per person. One of the best features of a Las Vegas bus tour to the Grand Canyon is that most companies pick you up at your hotel and return you there at the end of the trip. Generally, the more popular Las Vegas Grand Canyon bus tours last about 13 hours, but if you want to stay at the Grand Canyon for more than a couple of hours, then you can choose an overnight Grand Canyon bus trip that includes lodging at the various Grand Canyon hotels and lodging establishments. Generally, you will find that the various Las Vegas Grand Canyon tours, be they bus or air tours, include a narrative history of both the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest, as well as opportune stops, or flyovers, to such attractions as the Hoover Dam and Lake Powell. Once at the canyon, notable points of interest include Mather Point and the Bright Angel Lodge. Mather Point is one of the more famous Grand Canyon lookouts, and can be found at the South Rim near the Canyon View Information Plaza, where a wealth of tourism facilities abound. Bright Angel Lodge is a rustic lodge that dates back to 1935. It was designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, a famed architect from the time, and it remains as a main center of activity for the South Rim to this day.

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