Grand Canyon Lodge

Millions of visitors from around the world flock to Arizona for the chance to explore the stunning Grand Canyon. While there are plenty of options for Grand Canyon hotels outside of Grand Canyon National Park, many of these visitors find the ideal choices for accommodations can be found among the Grand Canyon National Park lodges. Most of these lodges can be found at the park’s South Rim, where the tourism facilities are open year-round, with an option as well found within the canyon’s rim. Whereas the South Rim is the center of Grand Canyon activity, some may prefer to hop on over to the canyon’s North Rim, where it is a bit less busy. It is at the North Rim where you will find the historic Grand Canyon Lodge. Rebuilt in 1937, after the original structure fell victim to fire, this National Historic Landmark is a sanctuary for North Rim visitors.

The Grand Canyon Lodge is found banked on the edge of the North Rim, and it is the central feature among North Rim facilities. Constructed using stone and timber that was harvested from the area, it lies in peaceful harmony with its natural surroundings. When making Grand Canyon Lodge reservations, which you should do as far in advance as you can, you can choose from the lodge’s 40 motel rooms, or book a stay in one of the lodge’s 174 cabins. While the motel rooms are a bit tight, with small bathrooms and no television, they are comfortable enough and feature telephones, queen-size beds and can be rented for an affordable fee. When selecting among the lodge’s cabins, you can select from the Frontier Cabins, the Western Cabins and the Pioneer Cabins. There are 85 different Frontier Cabins, which sleep 3 people comfortably. These cabins feature a double bed and a single bed and a shower. The 37 Pioneer Cabins are comparable to the Frontier Cabins, offering a bit more space. In the Pioneer Cabins, up to 5 people can sleep comfortably. Rollaway beds in these cabins are unfortunately not allowed, but if you need a rollaway bed or crib, some extra space and your own bathroom, then you can try to rent one of the 52 Western Cabins. These cabins are set among the area pine trees and have small front porches. They cost more than the other cabin options, but those looking for the extra comfort shouldn’t mind paying a bit more.

As far as Grand Canyon National Park Lodges are concerned, the Grand Canyon Lodge may just have the most scenic of restaurants. You can choose to wait for one of the 9 window-side tables, but stunning views of the canyon can be enjoyed regardless of where you sit. At the Grand Canyon Lodge restaurant, you can find affordable and creative breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that should meet the majority of your dining needs. Whereas breakfast and lunch are offered without prior arrangements, you will need to make reservations for dinner. You can make dinner reservations up to two months in advance, and it is advisable that you do so. For other dining options at the Grand Canyon Lodge, you can find quick and easy meal selections at the Deli in the Pines café, which serves such delights as pizza, salads and ice cream. In the morning, you can start your day right at the Rough Rider Saloon, where baked goods and coffee are available. After Noon, you can grab appetizers, light dishes and cocktails here and relax in comfort.

Whereas the other Grand Canyon National Park lodges are open year-round, the Grand Canyon Lodge is only open from mid-May through mid-October, due to the North Rim’s off-season accessability issues. Many people who choose to make Grand Canyon Lodge reservations appreciate the North Rim’s less-crowded atmosphere. It is an excellent point from which to begin Grand Canyon hiking expeditions, enjoying proximity to various hiking trails and some truly stunning overlooks. Grand Canyon mule rides can also be arranged at the Grand Canyon Lodge and with its 24-hour front desk service, you can get the answers to any questions you might have about other Grand Canyon tours and area attractions. The lodge should have everything the prospective traveler should need, with a gift shop and camper store on-site, laundry facilities and free parking. If you want to mix staying at the lodge with Grand Canyon camping, the North Rim Campground is nearby.

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