Grand Canyon Skywalk

Grand Canyon Skywalk is one of the most unique attractions in Arizona, and for some, walking out onto it is a must when touring the northern part of the state. An architectural marvel, this walkway of glass and steel extends out over a portion of the canyon itself, offering some unforgettable views. Due to the glass floor of this horseshoe-shaped walkway and observation deck, it is possible to look straight down into the canyon below. The Grand Canyon Skywalk stands almost 4,000 feet above the canyon floor, while the direct drop under the Skywalk itself ranges from a still harrowing 500 to 800 feet.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour
Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour

The glass Skywalk at Grand Canyon is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian Tribe and can be found on the Hualapai Indian Reservation. As such, it is not part of Grand Canyon National Park or administered in any way by the National Park Service. Should you wish to enjoy a Grand Canyon Skywalk tour, you will have to pay to enter Grand Canyon West, as the area is called, and then you will have to pay an added Skywalk fee. When all is said and done, the fees per person are rather steep, though some travelers find that they are worth paying. As for the hours, the glass Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Tickets can be purchased for the glass structure up until 4 p.m.

After you pay your Hualapai Indian Reservation admission fee and get your Grand Canyon Skywalk tickets, you'll be able to enjoy a few different experiences that can make for a fun day. The highlight, of course, will be stepping out onto the Skywalk. It cost $30 million to build the mesmerizing glass Skywalk at Grand Canyon, and as far as the views are concerned, they are priceless. In addition to being able to peer down into the canyon below, those who are enjoying a Grand Canyon Skywalk tour can also spot the main portion of the Grand Canyon to the east. The overall scenery is dramatic, and since the Skywalk opened in 2007, hundreds of thousands of people have come to enjoy the canyon in a way that wasn't possible before.

There are all kinds of Grand Canyon tours that you can take, including hiking tours and helicopter tours, and adding a Grand Canyon Skywalk tour to the itinerary is always worth considering when weighing your options. In addition to having the chance to walk out onto the Skywalk, those who head over to Grand Canyon West will also have the chance to enjoy some other experiences. The general admission fee includes access to some hiking trails along the rim of the canyon, access to a cowboy ranch were demonstrations and shows of various kinds can be enjoyed, and access to Eagle Point, where Native American performances can be viewed.

The glass Skywalk at Grand Canyon has gotten a lot of attention since it opened in 2007, and opinions about the structure run the gamut. Unfortunately, personal items, such as cameras, are not allowed to be brought out onto the Grand Canyon Skywalk, as they can damage the glass if dropped. This has led to some complaints. That being said, photographers are often in place to take photos of anyone who wants a keepsake picture or pictures. The pictures can then be purchased later. Free lockers are available to store your personal items in when preparing for a Grand Canyon Skywalk tour, and once you pay the Skywalk fee, you can stay out on the structure for as long as you please.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is just the start of a multitiered development project that aims to make Grand Canyon West a more complete tourist destination. Plans are to develop a stretch of the Canyon rim, with things such as golf courses, restaurants, and hotels figuring among the improvements. Sooner than later, the gravel and dirt road that provides access to Grand Canyon West will be paved, and this is music to the ears of past visitors who didn't exactly appreciate the bumpy ride. Until the access road at Grand Canyon West s completely paved, those who don't want to drive their own vehicles on the dirt and gravel road can park at the Sky Station in Meadview and pay for round-trip shuttle service.

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Grand Canyon

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