Grand Canyon Vacations

Every year, millions of people decide to plan Grand Canyon vacations for a chance to witness some of nature’s most impressive work. While the Grand Canyon is somewhat isolated in the northwest region of Arizona, it is close enough to Flagstaff, Phoenix, Sedona and the glitter of Las Vegas. Grand Canyon vacations can involve a myriad of activities, on top of just viewing the canyon from the various scenic overlooks. There are an impressive list of Grand Canyon vacation packages out there that can help you maximize your Grand Canyon vacation, and when you book accommodations, Grand Canyon tours and transportation together, you often are rewarded with significant savings. Whether you are planning Grand Canyon family vacations, romantic Grand Canyon getaways, or trips to the canyon with friends, you will come away from the experience with lifelong memories. The only drawback to Grand Canyon vacations is that they are in high demand, which often requires booking your tours and accommodations well in advance.

Grand Canyon vacations can be enjoyed year-round, with summer being the busiest time of the year. Most visitors to Grand Canyon National Park decide to arrive at the park’s southern entrance, where the South Rim abounds with travel services and facilities. Across the canyon, on the North Rim, there is much less in the way of tourism-related establishments, but those who prefer a scaled-down experience will prefer the North Rim to the South Rim. Grand Canyon vacations to the North Rim can be enjoyed from mid-May through mid-October, when the weather is less apt to cause transportation issues. At the South Rim, most of the facilities remain open throughout the year, and it is here where you will find the most options for Grand Canyon National Park lodges and nearby hotels. Most of the Grand Canyon vacation packages involve taking advantage of what the South Rim has to offer, and in the nearby town of Williams, just some 60 miles away, there are a bevy of Grand Canyon hotel options from budget to luxury. At both the Grand Canyon’s North and South Rims, you can enjoy Grand Canyon camping at one of the park’s campgrounds and find ample hiking trails for descending into the canyon’s inner realms.

As mentioned before, there are a number of Grand Canyon vacation packages available that allow visitors to enjoy a list of various activities. Among the tours that can be enjoyed when arranging Grand Canyon vacation packages are the famed Grand Canyon mule rides, Grand Canyon river rafting and whitewater trips, Grand Canyon hiking, and the exhilarating Grand Canyon helicopter tours. While whitewater rafting may not be ideal for Grand Canyon family vacations, there are smooth-water rafting trips that may be more appropriate for families, especially those with young children. When planning Grand Canyon family vacations, you can also enjoy guided day hikes and mule rides, a ride on the historic Grand Canyon Railway, and a narrative Grand Canyon bus tour. For those planning to go hiking during their Grand Canyon vacations, it is imperative that you consider the fact that there are no easy trails at the canyon, and that especially during the summer months the temperatures can soar well over 100 degrees. Every year, hundreds of hikers are rescued by search and rescue teams at the canyon, due to dehydration and heat exhaustion. As far as lodging goes for Grand Canyon family vacations, the Thunderbird Lodge and the Kachina Lodge at the park’s South Rim should be considered, as should the Grand Canyon Railway Hotel, in Williams.

One of the great things about Grand Canyon vacation packages is that they can be enjoyed whether or not your are staying at or near the canyon. Sedona, Phoenix and Flagstaff have plenty to offer visitors in their own rite, but with Grand Canyon vacation packages being offered from each of these popular destinations, the ability to include a Grand Canyon vacation in the mix is easier than ever. As for Las Vegas, there may be no better vacation one-two punch than gambling in Vegas and whitewater rafting at the Grand Canyon. Helicopter and motorcoach tours are among the more popular tours associated with the Las Vegas Grand Canyon vacation packages, but with the numerous options available, you aren’t just limited to those. The sky is virtually the limit, and as long as your budget allows, you could ideally include any and all Grand Canyon tours with a Las Vegas vacation. You can surely book Grand Canyon vacation packages online or with the help of an agent, but you will also find opportunities to add additional tours once you arrive at the numerous area hotels that feature transportation and activities desks. Regardless of how you plan your Grand Canyon vacation or which Grand Canyon vacation packages you select, a great experience awaits you and your group.

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