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Arizona hiking is legendary, and while some of the trails across the state are challenging, others offer a more leisurely appeal for those who aren't interested in vigorous workouts. Mountains abound in Arizona, and some of the best trails in the state wind their ways through them, offering scintillating views in every direction. Many of the stunning canyons in Arizona have great trails as well, with the famed Grand Canyon being the most renowned. If you want to find the best Arizona hiking trails, the various national parks are a good place to start, with Grand Canyon National Park being the most obvious option. Good hiking trails aren't only found in the national parks, however, and in addition to hiking, many of the state's nature trails can also be used for biking.

One of the most popular places to enjoy some Arizona hiking is Grand Canyon National Park, with the Bright Angel Trail and the South Kaibab Trail being two of the park's very best trails. Both of these trails descend into the canyon itself, and beautiful views are all around. You can hike all the way down to the Colorado River on these long trails if you please, and multi-day hiking and camping expeditions can be arranged. For those who don't want to venture into the canyon, hiking along the South and North Rims is also possible. Many of the rim trails course along the canyon's edge at various sections, affording some very impressive, if not stomach-churning views. As for Grand Canyon National Park visitors who are interested in Arizona bike trails, there are some paved routes in the park that are good for cycling, while the mountain biking trails are found outside of the park's boundaries in the Kaibab National Forest.

If you want to hike in Arizona, there is no shortage of tantalizing trails to explore, and in the northern part of the state, the Lake Powell area offers some great options. Antelope Canyon, which can be found near the town of Page, is not to be missed when looking to hike in the Lake Powell region, especially if you are up for a rewarding trek on a relatively short trail. The sandstone slot canyon that the trail winds through at Antelope Canyon is truly magnificent, and in some spots along the trail, it's only a few feet wide, affording some popular photo options. Over in the northeastern part of the state, which is predominantly Navajo Nation land, some more Arizona hiking trails can be found. They include the trails at the Canyon de Chelly National Monument and those that can be found at the Petrified Forest National Park.

South toward Phoenix, those who are interested in enjoying some unforgettable Arizona hiking might stop in Sedona for a while. This scenic town is set among a number of stunning red rock formations, and over in the nearby Boynton Canyon, the rocky formations rise up to about 1,000 feet on both sides. For hiking enthusiasts who find themselves closer to the Phoenix area, one of the most popular hikes involves trekking to the top of Camelback Mountain. This mountain rises just over 2,700 feet, and the views that it offers of the Phoenix and Scottsdale area are fantastic. Speaking of Scottsdale, the McDowell Mountain Regional Park provides more than 40 miles of nature trails that beg to be explored. It's worth noting that the McDowell Mountains aren't only home to hiking trails. Some tempting Arizona bike trails can also be found there, as can some horseback riding trails.

The list of possible destinations is a long one when it comes to Arizona hiking and biking, and you're never far from some good trails wherever you find yourself in the state. In Tucson, for example, Saguaro National Park offers 165 miles of hiking trails, and they are utterly perfect if you want to enjoy desert hikes. The Tucson area, coincidentally, offers some of the best Arizona bike trails, and it's worth noting that you can arrange multi-day bike tours through the desert. There are hundreds of bike trails in Arizona, and if you enjoy mountain biking, the bulk of them are mountain biking trails.

Whether you are planning on doing some hiking or biking in Arizona, preparing yourself for the adventure at hand is very important. Arizona is an especially hot and dry state, and during the summer months, it's not uncommon for the temperatures to get up into the 100s in the lower regions. Arming yourself with an ample amount of water will be the most important thing when heading out for a day of Arizona hiking or biking, and should you be looking to hike, a proper pair of boots or shoes is recommended, if not necessary. Sunscreen, a good hat, lightweight and light-colored clothing, and a pair of sunglasses with a high UV rating are also things that can make for a better overall experience. On especially hot days, putting a wet rag or cloth around your neck can also help keep you cool.

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