Lake Havasu Arizona

The great quantity of dams along the Colorado River has been responsible for the formation of a number of lakes in Arizona. Of these many lakes, Lake Havasu is perhaps the most popular. This 45-mile long lake is adorned by 450 miles of shoreline, where the sandy beaches glisten and hidden coves await those who seek adventure and romance. Indeed, Havasu London Bridge has made Lake Havasu City a major travel destination. However, aside from the bridge, the area has a significant amount of exciting recreational activities.

Every year, Lake Havasu City is a travel destination for over 2.5 million visitors. They enjoy fishing, boating, jet skiing, sailing, speed boating, canoeing, hiking and music festivals. Lake Havasu is home to the largest warm-water fishing program in America. The Lake Havasu Fisheries Improvement Program has funded the creation of an artificial habitat to increase game population. The deep water in Lake Havasu, Arizona is ideal for crappie, bluegill, black and striped bass, trout and catfish.

The local rental shops offer fishing boats, wakeboards, wet suits, ski boats, kayaks, tubes and pontoons. Houseboats can be rented at the Havasu Springs Resort and the Sandpoint Marina.

Lake Havasu City hosts a number of races and regattas. The famous International Jet Sport Boat Association's World Finals takes place each year. This event is considered to be the Super Bowl of personal watercraft and jet-ski racing.

Although Lake Havasu City has been dubbed the "personal Watercraft Capitol of the World," rest assured, there is much to do on land. Backcountry enthusiasts can find their own road, as they explore Lake Havasu City's unique geology and wildlife. Those with an adventurous spirit might discover a few hidden mines and some long-abandoned towns. However, expect some radical terrain changes along the way.

In Lake Havasu, Arizona, sand dunes and canyons make way for mountains and basins. Like set changes in a play, the flora and fauna also change. The 13-mile Topock Gorge is a sanctuary inhabited by coyote, Big Horn sheep, wild burros, a variety of reptiles, falcon and peregrine. In fact, over 200 species of birds can be found in Lake Havasu, Arizona. If you enjoy watching any type of wildlife, look for the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge, which is located at the south end of Lake Havasu.

Speaking of the wild life, if you are a college-aged party animal, you will probably love Lake Havasu Spring Break. College kids from all over the country travel to Arizona and party 24/7 on Lake Havasu houseboats and resorts, with plenty of the typical Spring Break images coming from this lively destination. Although most the bars close at 1:00AM, the parties continue in the daytime. Most spring breakers who travel to Arizona will tell you that the Copper Canyon boat ride is the highlight of their trip. Everyone ties their boats together in the canyon and party from boat to boat.

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