Lake Powell Arizona

Lake Powell, Arizona is named after John Wesley Powell, a Civil War veteran who in 1869, lead a group of explorers down the Colorado and Green River. Lake Powell is 186 miles long. It has 100 side canyons and 1,960 miles of shoreline. The lake was created by the damming of the Colorado River. After Lake Mead, Lake Powell, Arizona is the second largest man-made lake in the U.S.

Lake Powell, Arizona is located in the Glen Canyon Recreational Area, which is on the border between Arizona and Utah. This area is often referred to as the Grand Circle, because of its concentration of America's most popular National Parks and Monuments, such as Grand Canyon National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.

The Glen Canyon/Lake Powell area is both an excellent fishing and boating destination and a major historical site. The lake's 8.5 trillion gallons of water is home to a number of game fish, such as Walleye, Western Pike, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Stripers, Catfish and Bluegill. Yet aside from being a vacationer's playground and a major destination for Arizona tourism, the water from Lake Powell irrigates the crops in California, and provides drinking water for the residents of Las Vegas, Phoenix and Los Angeles. In 1963, The Glen Canyon Lake Powell Dam was built so that water would flow downstream during periods of drought.

If your travel to Arizona includes plans for a number of water activities, Lake Powell houseboats allow you to pamper yourself with a variety of amenities. As you cruise along the water, you can relax on the deck and listen to some music. Most Lake Powell houseboats come equipped with two state rooms and ample kitchen facilities. The majority of the boats sleep up to 12 people. Lake Powell houseboats are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a variety of water sports, explore the various caves and canyons, hike through the rocks, relax on a secluded sandy beach and socialize with friends and family.

Be sure to visit the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. This salmon-pink rock formation creates a 290 foot arch which spans about 275 feet. Rainbow Bridge is the world's largest natural bridge. It was considered to be a scared place by the Navajo Nation, who believe that rainbows are the guardians of the universe. Prior to the formation of Lake Powell, Arizona, Rainbow Bridge was in one of the most and inaccessible areas in the United States. Today, with 3.5 million domestic and international visitors, the area plays an important role in attracting Arizona tourism. If your travel to Arizona brings you to the Lake Powell area, a Lake Powell houseboat is a great way to see the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. If you obtain a permit from the Navajo Nations, you can also backpack cross their lands to the Rainbow Bridge.

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