Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most popular attractions in Arizona. Much of the allure lies in the scenic beauty, and it doesn’t hurt that the canyon can be found in close proximity to the inviting cities of Sedona and Flagstaff.

Oak Creek Canyon stretches for approximately twelve miles and is basically halfway between Sedona and Flagstaff. Over time, it was carved out by Oak Creek, and this perennial stream still flows along the canyon bottom. Stunning rock formations are among the scenic highlights, and so picturesque is the area that it is often referred to as a cousin of the Grand Canyon. State Route 89 A provides an ideal route through Oak Creek Canyon for those who wish to treat themselves to a sightseeing tour of the driving variety, and anyone who is wishing to stop for some recreational bliss is encouraged to keep Slide Rock State Park in mind, as that park is located within the canyon.

Swimming, hiking, and fishing are among the most popular things to do in Oak Creek Canyon. Thanks to a number of area campgrounds, camping is also a popular recreational pursuit. Oak Creek campground options include the 82-site Cave Springs Campground, the 56-unit Pine Flat Campground, and the eighteen-unit Manzanita Campground. Other area campgrounds such as Sedona’s Bootlegger Campground can also be added to the mix for those who wish to expand their camping horizons.There is no Oak Creek campground within the canyon, but there are numerous commercial campgrounds and dispersed camping is allowed in the nearby national forests.

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