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Page Arizona is the base of choice for those who want to enjoy some time in one of the most beautiful parts of the southwest. In addition to Lake Powell, Page has easy access to many striking outdoor attractions, including Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Founded as a camp for dam workers in 1957, Page eventually grew into a small city by the time the Glen Canyon Dam was finished in the 1960s. From there, it became a major northern Arizona travel hub, primarily because of its proximity to the lake and its resorts, and as a stopping point en route to the Grand Canyon, about 130 miles away.

Lake Powell is a stunningly beautiful reservoir that sits in the middle of a canyon. Before the Colorado River was dammed to create the reservoir, it was even said that this canyon was as beautiful as the Grand Canyon. Even since the dam, Lake Powell is still beautiful, an oasis surrounded by the dry desert lands, and with plenty of things to do as well. There are narrated boat tours on the lake that highlight attractions like the natural, 275-foot-long Rainbow Bridge, and it is also common to see people water skiing, jet skiing, relaxing on their rented houseboats, and swimming. There are at least five marinas at Lake Powell for those who need to park or rent a boat, and kayaks can also be rented.

Among the other great things to do in Page is visiting Horseshoe Bend. Found to the near south of Page Arizona off U.S. 89, Horseshoe Bend is a stunning sight to behold. From the viewpoint hundreds of feet above, visitors can peer down on the Colorado River, which forms a big loop around the surrounding canyon. It's a spectacular scene to say the least, particularly in the early morning, when the rising sun highlights the water and the warm colors in the rocks. The overlook, which is five miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam, features a 1,000 foot drop from the rocks to the river below.

Antelope Canyon is the other great outdoor attraction around the town of Page. This is the most-visited and most frequently photographed slot canyon in the Southwest, and the image of beautiful beams of sunlight extending into Upper Antelope Canyon is one of the iconic images of the region. Antelope Canyon tours are among the best things to do in the area, and as an official tour guide is required to explore this and other attractions on Navajo land, it’s best to plan ahead to make sure you can tour the canyon on your vacation in Arizona.

Aside from exploring the local attractions, outdoor activities are among the top things to do on a trip to Page. The Colorado River connects Lake Powell with Lees Ferry, which is one of the gateways to the Grand Canyon, and taking a leisurely rafting trip down to Lees Ferry is one of the most popular things to do in Page. On warmer days, it’s possible to go wading in the river during breaks from the boat. For golfing enthusiasts, spending some time on the 27-hole Lake Powell National Golf Course is the activity of choice. The course itself is excellent, and the views of the sandstone bluffs around it are simply stunning. Finally, checking out the hiking trails in the area, such as the Rimview Trail along the edge of the city, is a great way to go. There are short trails in Lees Ferry (about a 40-mile drive) that are great for day hikes, as well as the 50-mile Paria Canyon trail for backpackers who want to do some serious canyon hiking.

Glen Canyon Dam, Page AZ
Glen Canyon Dam, Page AZ

It’s worth adding a few days at one of the many Page hotels to your Arizona vacation agenda. With the Grand Canyon so close and the Utah border even closer, there are a number of possibilities when it comes to keeping busy on a Page escape, and the number of hotels ensures that it’s easy to find something that fits your budget as well. For some, staying at one of the Page bed and breakfasts will be the preferred lodging option, while others will look to book a room at one of the resorts near the lake or look for deals at the chain hotels. It's also possible to stay on a houseboat on a Page Arizona vacation, and a couple of area campgrounds provide outdoor enthusiasts with other interesting lodging options to consider. Some of the campgrounds are in Arizona, while others are Utah side of Lake Powell.

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Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam

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