Parker Arizona

Parker Arizona is a small city in the northwestern corner of the state near the border of California. It is specifically situated along the Colorado River in the area known as Parker Valley. Parker AZ has an arid climate that can actually be dangerous during the extremely hot summer months (make sure to carry some water with you if you're here during this time). There are a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in this city, many of which revolve around water sports on the Colorado River. You can also enjoy golf, dining, arts and entertainment, and shopping. Parker vacation rentals and hotels are affordable and give people the opportunity to enjoy a city renowned for its outdoor activities.

Some of the favorite recreational pastimes in Parker AZ include wakeboarding, boating, water skiing, fishing, and so much more. You have the option of renting all kinds of boats, jet skis, as well as all the gear and equipment you’ll need for fishing. Parker is also just about twenty miles from Lake Havasu. It is not hard to see why families who like to enjoy the outdoors together find this city an alluring vacation destination. One of the chief appeals of Parker AZ tourism is how affordable it is. Many vacationers from colder regions of the country retreat to Parker and its affordable motels, campgrounds, and hotels. There are over 30 RV parks and plenty of campsites. Parker Arizona hotels are also distributed throughout the city.

The Emerald Canyon Golf Course is a place where fans of the links will find a challenging and rewarding experience. After a long morning or afternoon of golf, you may like to venture into town to explore one of the many dining options in the city. There are all kinds of casual dining eateries as well as several nice restaurants that would do just fine for a romantic dinner or more formal dinner with the family.

Parker also hosts an array of annual events and festivities. Not surprisingly, many of them revolve around water sports and other outdoor activities. The beginning of May features the Cinco de Mayo Golf Tourament. The Annual Great Western Tube Float takes place in June. Labor Day Weekend always sees a sizable influx of tourists to this part of Arizona to enjoy places like Parker and Lake Havasu. October is the host month of the Colorado Music Fest, which is staged every year in La Paz County Park. If you are traveling to Parker during this time of the year, this event is not to be missed. There is something for just about everyone in Parker, especially if you have a particular affinity for outdoor sports.

You may not think that a city of less than 4,000 people would offer a resort and casino, but the key is that many out-of-towners come to Parker as well. This is notable to display the broad spectrum of lodging options you have in Parker. Whether you are interested in a comprehensive resort experience, complete with amenities like indoor pools and water parks, spas, and onsite dining, or the rustic experience of camping under the stars, you will find an option that suits your tastes in Parker.

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