Peoria Arizona

Peoria Arizona is a city on the move. In 1999, much of the land that surrounds Lake Pleasant Regional Park became part of this Phoenix-area hotspot, and in 2007, the city got two new attractions that are certainly worth highlighting. These attractions are the wonderful Challenger Space Center of Arizona and the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts.

It's little wonder that the Peoria AZ population has grown considerably in recent decades. The city offers tons of options for things to do, and the warm climate is something that northerners covet, especially in the winter. The fact that Peoria is fewer than twenty miles from Phoenix certainly adds to the entertainment options, and other area destinations such as Mesa and Chandler only increase the side-trip possibilities.

Peoria Arizona, whose name was inspired by an eponymous city in Illinois, has long been known as a spring training destination for Major League Baseball clubs. As a result, one of its main attractions is the Peoria Sports Complex. Completed in 1994, this complex replaced an older venue and was the first of its kind to be used by two different MLB teams. These teams, which hail from San Diego and Seattle, continue to use the Peoria Sports Complex for year round purposes.

Baseball enthusiasts are most often attracted to Peoria AZ in the spring, thanks to the spring-training events, though summer can also be a great time to drop into town. Phoenix's Chase Field, which is home to the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB team, is equipped to deal with the summer heat. It features a roof that can be closed to block out the sun, and once the roof is closed, the air conditioning can be turned on.

During a Peoria AZ escape, many travelers make time for the Challenger Space Center. Affiliated with the Smithsonian Institute, this working memorial honors those astronauts who lost their lives during the space shuttle Challenger mission of 1986. It also offers various exhibits that deal with space and science in general, and the facilities include a planetarium. 21170 N. 83rd Avenue is where you can find the Challenger Space Center in Peoria AZ, and prospective visitors to the city should know that it offers a variety of camps and educational programs. The center can also be rented for private functions, such as corporate teambuilding events and birthday parties.

No discussion about Peoria Arizona would complete without mentioning Lake Pleasant. The second-largest lake in the state, this large body of water is used for all kinds of recreational pursuits, including boating and jet skiing. Fishing is also possible, as are activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, and wake boarding.

On the southeastern side of Lake Pleasant is a marina and RV resort that will have some area visitors looking past the Peoria Arizona hotels. This marina/resort is known as Lake Pleasant, and the facilities are quite complete. There are 254 full hook-up sites, as well as 40 partials, and guests can take advantage of the heated pool, the hot tub, and the clubhouse. Camping in Lake Pleasant Park is also worth considering if you wish to stay close to nature during a Peoria AZ vacation.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to keeping busy during a Peoria escape. After all, hot air balloon rides are easy to arrange in the area. As for those who like to tee it up, the Phoenix area golf courses certainly have golfing enthusiasts covered, and any and all visitors might appreciate the numerous cultural pursuits that can be enjoyed throughout the region. The plays that are staged at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts are among the most popular local events when it comes to culture.

The Peoria Arizona hotels provide good options for places to stay regardless of what you have planned. There aren't any 5 star hotels in town, but an array of well-known chain hotels provide plenty of comfort at a reasonable price. Also worth highlighting are local extended-stay hotels that typically offer units with full kitchens that can be rented for extended periods if needed.

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