Arizona Science Center

The Arizona Science Center is just one of many great museums that can be found in the capital city of Phoenix. Located Downtown, this fantastic family attraction is close to many other popular attractions. It's also easy to enjoy, thanks in part to all the wonderful hands-on exhibits. The Phoenix Science Center, as the museum is commonly known, also boasts an IMAX Theater, a planetarium, and a cafe. This place is worth keeping in mind when looking for things to do in the Phoenix area, especially if you are traveling with the family. Arizona Science Center discounts are relatively easy to come by, if you know where to look.

The Arizona Science Center is part of the Heritage and Science Park, and this means that it can easily be paired with some other great attractions. The park is also home to Heritage Square, where visitors can enjoy a slice of old Phoenix, and the Phoenix History Museum, which also offers insight into the past. It's a verifiable museum campus.

The exhibits at the Phoenix Science Center focus on the modern world. There are more than 350 permanent hands-on exhibits for visitors to enjoy, and they include an exhibit that allows kids to build model homes, one that focuses on human psychology, and another that relates to the science of the natural world. New exhibits are added from time to time at the Phoenix Science Center, and one of the newer exhibits relates to fear and how it affects humans. This exhibit offers insight into how fear helps to keep all animals alive, including people.

As for the IMAX Theater at the Arizona Science Center, you never know what might be playing, so checking the schedule in advance or soon after you arrive at the science center will help ensure you see the show you want to see. The same goes for the Dorrance Planetarium, where visitors can learn about the skies and the cosmos. There is something for everyone at the Arizona Science Center, and this helps to make it one of the most popular attractions around.

Arizona Science Center discounts are widely available, and this only helps to cement the museum's popularity with locals and tourists alike. Two-for-one coupons figure among the most common discount options, and they are relatively easy to find regardless of whether you want to visit the Science Center, the Heard Museum, or any other of high quality museums in the area. As for how and where to get your coupons for the Arizona Science Center, you can purchase a Phoenix Entertainment Coupon Book, which offers deals on all kinds of area attractions. Numerous Arizona tourist guides, brochures, and magazines also offer money-saving coupons for attractions such as the Science Center.

In addition to keeping an eye out for Arizona Science Center discounts, prospective visitors can also check to see if any special events are going on. The museum hosts a summer camp for budding scientists, and there are themed party nights for adults from time to time. Even preschool kids are covered when it comes to the Phoenix Science Center events. Worth noting is the fact that the center can be used for private events, such as kids birthday parties and fundraising events.

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