Castles and Coasters

Castles and Coasters is a North Phoenix amusement park where locals and visitors alike can play like kids, regardless of their age. Open year round, this ten-acre funland boasts some good rides, including a few that cater to thrill seekers, and there are plenty of other fun things to enjoy on the side. In addition to the rides, this Phoenix theme park has a collection of miniature golf courses, and zipping around on the go-kart track can be a blast. Castles and Coasters coupons are usually easy to find for those who are interested, and they only serve to make a visit that much more enticing.

For those who want to take on the thrill rides at this small, yet fun Phoenix theme park, there are a few to choose from. Castles and Coasters calls Desert Storm Arizona's most exciting roller coaster, and it is surely exciting. After climbing up into the blue Arizona sky, Desert Storm riders quickly plunge downward, spinning and twisting all the while in a dizzying blur. The other roller coaster at this Phoenix theme park is called The Patriot, and it offers a more laid back experience that is suitable for most ages.

On the thrilling side of things, Sky Diver is likely to cause some trepidation. On this intimidating ride, riders are carried to the top of a tall tower in an open booth. On the slow ride up, it's easy to get lost in the views of the surrounding area, unless you are dreading the inevitable 120-foot free fall. There is a smaller version of Sky Diver at Castles and Coasters for those who aren't up for the real deal. Other rides worth noting are the Sea Dragon and Splashdown. The former features a large version of a Viking ship that swings back and forth, providing more than its fair share of thrills. As for Splashdown, it rivals something that you might expect to find at one of the area water parks. Riders can expect to get wet on this log ride, with a relatively big splash down capping things off at the end.

When visitors want to take a break from the rides at Castles and Coasters, the park's other facilities can come in handy. Much like the Phoenix International Raceway, this fun amusement park features a go kart track where visitors can zip around and maybe even challenge a friend to a race. The four themed miniature golf courses can easily satisfy a couple hours, while the large video arcade pavilion is a gamer's delight. Right next door to Castles and Coasters is one of Arizona's largest malls, so park visitors can add some shopping to the itinerary while visiting this are of the desert.

Keeping an eye out for Castles and Coasters coupons can be a good idea when planning a visit to the park. The park itself tends to offer special coupons on a regular basis that visitors can obtain before they arrive, and if you purchase a Phoenix Entertainment Coupon Book, you can expect to find Castles and Coasters deals inside. Many Arizona travel brochures, magazines, and travel guides also offer Castles and Coasters coupons, not to mention coupons for a host of other Phoenix area attractions. Saving some money is always a good thing, and as far as Castles and Coasters is concerned, the savings can be applied to a video game session or some shopping at the adjacent mall.

Image: Joe Rollerfan (flickr)
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