Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Garden boasts around 140 different desert plant species for visitors to enjoy. All told, the plants total around 20,000 and cover 50 acres. The picturesque, reddish buttes of the surrounding Papago Park provide a scintillating backdrop for these excellent Phoenix botanical gardens, and visitors can wander the lovely park when they're not enjoying the plant exhibits. They can also check out the adjacent attraction, where animal species dominate the scene. Desert Botanical Garden discounts are available through several different reliable outlets, so it's possible to get a good deal and apply the savings towards the nearby attractions.

The Desert Botanical Garden enjoys a great location between the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. This makes it relatively easy to reach for those who are staying at one of the hotels in these cities. The park that surrounds the gardens is known for its dazzling geological formations, and it is worth noting that the gardens themselves are right next to the Phoenix Zoo. Between the gardens, the zoo, and the surrounding park, it is easily possible to spend the better part of the day exploring. It would be easy to spend a few hours exploring its vast grounds of the Desert Botanical Garden alone, especially since there is a convenient café onsite.

On a visit to the renowned Phoenix botanical gardens in Papago Park, visitors might head for the Cacti and Agave exhibits first, as they figure among the main highlights. More than 10,000 plants comprise the Cactus Collection, and when it comes to the Agaves, it is worth noting that various species can live for around 50 years before they even start to flower! Complementing the cacti and agave plants are flowers galore, some of which bloom at night. Those who enjoy a late tour around the gardens, it is worth noting, can consider staying after dark to see the blossoming night flowers along the Desert Wildflower Loop Trail.

When Desert Botanical Garden visitors aren't checking out the cactus, agave, and flower gardens, they can enjoy some light hiking on the half-mile Plants and People of the Sonoran Desert Trail. This trail focuses on Southwestern ethnobotany, which relates to the various ways that Southwest people use plants in everyday life. Common uses include food and medicine, and visitors can even enjoy a few hands-on exhibits that allow them to grind down corn and pound some mesquite beans. There are several trails that can be found at this impressive Phoenix botanical gardens attraction; one winds its way through herb gardens, while the Sonoran Desert Nature Loop Trail offers a firsthand look at the Sonora Desert itself.

In addition to the plant exhibitions, the Desert Botanical Garden also offers some fantastic events that prospective visitors can keep in mind. One of the best is the Jazz In The Garden concert series, which takes place on Friday nights between the months of March and May. In addition to some live Jazz music, those who attend one of these seasonal concerts can also enjoy some food and drinks. There is a cash bar, and wine is available by the glass or bottle. Food is provided by a local catering company, and the onsite café stays open for business. On a daily basis, an audio tour can add some extra substance to a visit. Docent-led tours and private tours for groups of ten or more adults can also be enjoyed, with prior reservations usually being required for these types of tours.

The Desert Botanical Garden is open daily, save for major holidays, and the hours vary according to the season. October through May is the peak season, and it sees the museum staying open longer into the night, with 8 p.m. being a common closing time. For those who are interested in Desert Botanical Gardens discounts, it is worth noting that admission is free between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. You won't find a better discount than that!

When trying to secure Desert Botanical Gardens discounts, keeping an eye out for money-saving coupons is a good idea. There are coupons for all kinds of Phoenix attractions, and anyone who is hoping to secure them can start by purchasing a Phoenix Entertainment Coupon Book. It is also possible to get discounts for attractions such as the Desert Botanical Garden inside Arizona magazines, travel guides, and travel brochures. These tourist-friendly publications are widely available throughout the state, with hotels, gas stations, and grocery stores being good places to look for them.

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