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Downtown Phoenix is an extremely rewarding place for tourists to spend some time. The Downtown Phoenix district is home to the lovely Arizona State Capitol, and in addition to being the government hub of the state, it is also the prime financial center. After exploring the museum at the Arizona State Capitol, Downtown visitors can take interest in the district's other fantastic museums, where science, art, and history are all highlighted. It's also possible to take in a professional sports event during most months, and a night with the Phoenix Symphony is always worth considering for those who appreciate the arts. There are lots of rewarding things to do in Downtown Phoenix, and considering the amount of attractions in the Phoenix area, getting bored in this Southwestern hub is essentially impossible.

Numerous attractions anchor Downtown Phoenix, and for those who like sports, it is hard to miss the US Airways Center and Chase Field. Both of these sports and entertainment venues are impressive, and they are very close to one another right in the very heart of town. The US Airways Center is the home of the NBA's Phoenix Suns, while Chase Field is where Major League Baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks take up residence when baseball season starts. When these venues aren't being used for professional sports, they often host other events, such as concerts, so checking their event schedules to see what's on tap while you're in town can be a good idea. Should you be in town for a sports event, there are a number of sports bars that you can add to your list of Downtown Phoenix dining options.

Suns and Diamondbacks games figure among the most popular Downtown Phoenix events, but they aren't the only ones to choose from. Downtown Phoenix is where the city's major performing arts venues can be found, and these venues include the Phoenix Symphony Hall, the Herberger Theater Center, and the charmingly historic Orpheum Theatre. These three venues offer any number of exciting performing arts events to choose from, keeping the cultural enthusiast content. It is worth noting that the Phoenix Symphony Hall is part of the larger Phoenix Civic Plaza, which is also home to the Phoenix Convention Center. When it comes to Downtown Phoenix events, the Phoenix Convention Center hosts more than its fair share, including large-scale trade shows and conventions.

The Downtown Phoenix events have little trouble satisfying cultural enthusiasts, as is true of the district's number of excellent museums. In addition to the museum at the Capitol Building, other museum's that can be found in the heart of the city include the Phoenix Museum of History, the Phoenix Art Museum, the Arizona Science Center, and the Rosson House Museum at Heritage Square. On the north side of the Downtown District, or Midtown Phoenix as it is also known, the amazing Heard Museum only adds to the choices. Complementing the museums is a healthy collection of art galleries.

It can be easy to linger longer than expected in Downtown Phoenix, and since the district is home to so many wonderful attractions, staying at one of the Downtown hotels is popular with tourists. Some of the best Downtown Phoenix dining establishments can be found at the Downtown hotels, so even if you aren't staying at one, you might drop by for a meal. The Downtown hotels also tend to offer hip lounges, bars, or clubs, so they can come in handy when some nightlife is in order. In addition to the Downtown Phoenix dining and nightlife options, area visitors can also enjoy the bars and restaurants in the upscale Biltmore District, or maybe even venture over to nearby Scottsdale, where some of the best nightlife in the state can be enjoyed. Scottsdale is especially known for its club scene, whereas Downtown Phoenix nightlife revolves more around sports and performing arts events.

For those who are visiting Phoenix for the first time, booking a Downtown tour can offer tremendous insight into the heart of the city and its wonderful attractions. Walking tours and bus tours figure among the most popular Downtown Phoenix tours, and you can also tour the district's various museums, as well as Chase Field or the US Airways Center.

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