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Phoenix flights are easy to come by, thanks in part to the fact that the city is home to Arizona's main airport. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport can be found just three miles from the Downtown District, ensuring easy access to Arizona's dynamic capital city. It also offers proximity to some of the state's other largest cities, such as Scottsdale and Mesa. Worth noting is the fact that Mesa has the smaller Phoenix Mesa Gateway Airport. This second airport helps to alleviate the congestion at the Phoenix Airport by serving smaller commercial planes, such as those that are used for charter flights.

Sky Harbor International Airport
Sky Harbor International Airport

Most of the people who fly to Phoenix arrive at the Sky Harbor International Airport, where three main terminals await. These terminals handle millions of passengers every year, with flights coming in from all kinds of destinations. Many national and international carriers offer Phoenix flights, making for a healthy list of choices for any given day. This allows travelers to compare rates in hopes of securing a deal. Cheap flights to Phoenix are relatively easy to secure, thanks to the fact that there are so many flights to choose from, and often being a little flexible with your travel dates can result in significant savings.

Sky Harbor International Airport Map
Sky Harbor International Airport Map

When looking to secure cheap airfare to Phoenix, the summer off season is when the rates are at their lowest. This is due to the oppressive summer temperatures, which can regularly soar into the 100s. That being said, the city's indoor malls, state-of-the-art baseball stadium, museums, and spas remain comfortable during the summer months, thanks to air conditioning, and there are a number of enticing Phoenix water parks to indulge in when the mercury rises. If you prefer visiting during a more comfortable season, cheap flights to Phoenix will still be relatively easy to find during the spring, winter, and fall seasons. Numerous Phoenix vacation packages exist to provide travelers with deals on any number of things, flights included. As such, they are definitely worth taking advantage of when looking to fly to Phoenix.

There are lots of different reasons why Phoenix makes for a good arrival point. Many people who fly to Phoenix have their sights set on the Grand Canyon after arriving in the capital. It's about a three-hour drive to the Grand Canyon from the Phoenix Airport, and rental car companies are on hand to set air travelers up with some wheels. It's also worth noting that the drive to Las Vegas from Phoenix is only about five or six hours, so it's also easy to combine a Phoenix visit with a Sin City escape. If you don't want to drive to Las Vegas from Phoenix, you can also take a flight. Flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas only take about an hour, making a side trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World worth considering.

Phoenix is full of great attractions, and since the surrounding cities also offer their own options for things to do, there might not be time for a side trip. For those who secure cheap flights to Phoenix, there will be more money left over for all of the area attractions, and maybe even a side trip, so it's worth any extra effort that might be needed. One thing is for sure, and that's the fact that travelers who manage to secure Phoenix flights, cheap or not, will have plenty of tantalizing ways to spend their time once they arrive.

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