Phoenix Hot Air Balloons

Phoenix hot air balloons start taking to the sky in the morning, as that's when the air is most ideal, and once they get up in the air, the views are instantly superb. The Phoenix area has a desert terrain that many visitors are not familiar with, and while there are plenty of ways to take it all in from the ground, getting a bird's eye view from above is hard to beat. Numerous mountain chains add depth to the scenery, the McDowell Mountains included, and the sights are sumptuous no matter how many times you go up.

It is not uncommon to see a number of hot air balloons in Phoenix during the morning hours, and since there are a variety of local companies who are competing for business, the rates are among the best in the country. For people who really enjoy ballooning, planning a trip around a Phoenix hot air balloon festival is always an option.

While riding around in Phoenix hot air balloons, the desert landscape and the usually blue skies combine to create a dazzling panorama. Mixing with the cacti below are any number of animals, including jack rabbits, roadrunners, deer, and coyotes, and more often than not, the balloons in Phoenix fly relatively low so that visitors can get a good look at everything. In addition to pointing out various creatures that might happen into the picture, the knowledgeable guides are also available to give detailed information on the desert plants.

On hot air balloon tours in Phoenix, you can learn all kinds of things about the Sonoran Desert, and when the winds are calm, the pilots often climb higher into the sky to give riders an expansive view of the region. Depending on how high you go, you can see how the area cities such as Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe fit into the scheme of things. When it comes time for the balloons in Phoenix to return to the ground, ground crews await, ready to help riders cap things off with a champagne toast and some food. Book the right balloon tour, and the food will be gourmet.

Regardless of the makeup of your group, keeping the Phoenix hot air balloons in mind can be a good idea. The various companies in the immediate area offer all kinds of tours, and they can accommodate couples, families, corporations, and just about any other mix of people who are up for adding unforgettable thrills to their Phoenix visit. Most of the hot air balloon tours in Phoenix last approximately one and a half hours, at least as far as the flying is concerned. Quick orientation sessions, getting the balloon ready, and other important details add some time to the process, so you should at least open up a few hours on your schedule if you want to go ballooning.

It is possible to hire balloons in Phoenix throughout the year, so it isn't necessary to plan your tour for a specific season. For those who are really interested in ballooning, planning a visit around a Phoenix hot air balloon festival can be a good idea. There are two main ballooning festivals to choose from in the Phoenix area, and they include the Goodyear Balloon and Air Spectacular and Glendale Glitters. The former takes place in the suburb of Goodyear, as the name would imply, and it is hailed as the largest hot air balloon festival in the state. October is the month for this Goodyear balloon extravaganza. Glendale Glitters is actually a multi-faceted holiday season event that features all kinds of festivities. A hot air balloon finale tops the whole thing off, and visitors will also be able to book some rides themselves.

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