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Phoenix museums offer something for everyone, including kids, cultural enthusiasts, budding scientists, and history buffs. For kids, the Phoenix Children's Museum can be a delightful place to play and learn, while cultural enthusiasts won't want to miss the fantastic Heard Museum with its Native American displays. The Pueblo Grande Museum also caters to cultural interests. On the scientific side of things, the Arizona Science Center aims to please, while anyone who wants to learn about the history of Arizona and its capital city can always schedule a visit to the Phoenix Museum of History. These are some of the best Phoenix museums, and there are many more wonderful ones to choose from.

For Phoenix visitors who are interested in Native American culture, art, and artifacts, both the Pueblo Grande Museum and the Heard Museum deserve inclusion on the itinerary. The former is part museum, part archaeological site, and among the highlights are the ancient Hohokam ruins. As is true of other past tribes, the Hohokam once thrived along the Salt River. Their settlements were abandoned in and around the mid-1400s, and historians aren't quite sure why. At the Pueblo Grande Museum, visitors can inspect a collection of artifacts from the archaeological site, and there are even some replica Hohokam homes that are worthy of a look. The Heard Museum offers excellent insight into Arizona's native cultures, and for those who like history, the exhibits cover a considerable time period. Some of the artifacts date back to pre-Columbian times. The always changing art exhibits at the Scottsdale branch of the Heard Museum are also worth checking out.

On Phoenix family vacations, dropping by the Phoenix Children's Museum can be a good idea. Found at 215 N. Seventh Street, this excellent museum is housed in an old school building. Inside are a number of fun and interesting hands-on exhibits that are designed to teach and entertain. From time to time, the Phoenix Children's Museum adds new exhibits, so even if you've been there already, a return visit might be in order.

Families with kids who are looking for some appropriate museums might also enjoy a visit to the Arizona Science Center or the Arizona Museum of Natural History. The former can be found right downtown, and it offers a variety of fun and informational science exhibits, not to mention an IMAX Theater, a planetarium, and a café.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History has animated dinosaurs and dinosaur exhibits that are a hit with the kids, and there is also plenty to enjoy for adults. Easily one of the best Phoenix museums, the Arizona Museum of Natural History offers fantastic insight into the natural world, especially as it relates to the desert state in which it is found.

In addition to learning about natural history, visitors to Phoenix can also get insight into the history of the city's people at museums such the Phoenix Museum of History and the Rosson House Museum. The Phoenix Museum of History can be found right downtown, and as is true of the Arizona Science Center and the Rosson House Museum, it is part of the larger Heritage and Science Park. Visitors to the Phoenix Museum of History can learn about the area's past ostrich farming, while the Rosson House dates back to 1895 and is a fine example of an upscale Victorian home. Worth noting is the fact that the nearby city of Chandler offers an annual Ostrich Festival to celebrate its ostrich-raising past. Also worth pointing out is the fact that the Rosson House is part of the living museum that is Historic Heritage Square.

These are some of the best Phoenix museums, but they aren't the only ones that deserve a nod. Both the Wrigley Mansion and Taliesin West offer insight into the lives of two of the Phoenix's most famous past residents, and art enthusiasts can get their cultural fill at museums such as the Phoenix Art Museum, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, and any other number of regional art museums and galleries. Art is everywhere in Arizona, so you never know when you might stumble upon it, and it's not hard to find a good museum either. It's just one of the reasons why Phoenix is a hot travel destination.

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