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Phoenix spas can be found in good number across the general area, with nearby Scottsdale being home to some of the most attractive spas in the region. Most of the area spas are affiliated with a luxury resort, and this only helps to make the resorts popular lodging options. In Phoenix proper, the Downtown hotels lack their own spas, though there are some upscale resorts that are close to the Downtown core. These hotels include the landmark Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa, the Arizona Grand Resort, and the Royal Palms Resort & Spa. The Downtown District boasts at least one excellent independent spa, as well as a few salons that are worth keeping in mind.

In addition to offering elegant guest units and a tempting golf course, the historic Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa also boasts an award-winning spa. When visitors to the Biltmore's spa aren't indulging in natural and organic spa treatments, they can visit the onsite salon to update their look or stop by the boutique to shop for some spa products. As is true of most of the day spas in Phoenix, the spa at the Arizona Biltmore Resort offers some wonderful packages that can help guests maximize their spa experience. One package includes a round of golf on the side, while most put the emphasis on combining a number of different spa treatments.

The Biltmore District is the most upscale district in Phoenix, and in addition to being home to the Biltmore Resort & Spa, it is also home to the luxurious Ritz-Carlton. One of the best luxury hotels in the city, The Ritz-Carlton Phoenix unfortunately lacks a spa, though massage services are available for a fee. These massage services can come in especially handy after a long day of shopping at the Biltmore Fashion Park, which is just a short walk away.

For the shopping enthusiast who prefers staying at a Phoenix spa resort, the Royal Palms Resort & Spa gives the Biltmore a run for its money when it comes to the best spa hotels near the Biltmore Fashion Park. Found between the Biltmore Fashion Park and the nearby downtown area of Scottsdale, the Royal Palms Resort & Spa enjoys a great location, and its spa offers a number of unique signature treatments, including various water therapies and in-water massages. When the full spa experience is what you are after at the Royal Palms, booking the exclusive Alvadora Spa Villa is the way to go. This 1,300-square-foot villa stands alone, offering optimal privacy. It also offers a divine soaking tub and steam showers, among other enticing perks.

Many travelers who are looking for a good Phoenix spa resort choose to stay at the Arizona Grand Resort, and for good reason. Found just south of the airport, this upscale resort enjoys a convenient location, especially since the airport is just three miles from the Downtown area. Also worth noting is the fact that it has its own water park. As for the spa at the Arizona Grand, it offers a full range of treatments, as well as salon services, and special packages are available. It is customary to show up early for a rejuvenating spa session at this Phoenix spa resort, as the Jacuzzi and steam room are worth taking advantage of.

These resorts are home to some of the best Phoenix spas, and in nearby Scottsdale, the choices only increase. A number of Scottsdale resorts offer sumptuous spas to go with their many other facilities, and these resorts include the JW Marriott, The Boulders, and the Fairmont Scottsdale. At the JW Marriott Camelback Inn, the spa embraces the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, and private luxury cabanas can be rented by those who are enjoying at least one hour's worth of treatments. The Boulders also offers a full range of services, and as is true of most Phoenix spas, it features a fitness center that can come in handy for burning stress and calories. Other facilities at the The Boulders Resort's spa include a yoga studio and a healthy café.

Thanks to its 44,000-square-foot spa complex, the Fairmont Scottsdale is just one more Scottsdale resort that travelers will want to keep in mind when looking for a good day spas in Phoenix. While this upscale retreat isn't found in Phoenix proper, it offers relatively easy access to the nearby capital, not to mention easy access to the McDowell Mountains, Taliesin West, and everything else that Scottsdale has to offer. As for the resort's spa complex, among its highlights are the rooftop pool area and the relaxing meditation gardens.

When looking for a luxury spa in Phoenix, these upscale resorts figure among the top options, with plenty of others to choose from as well. Phoenix, and Arizona in general, is a very popular spa vacation destination, partly because of the desert's mostly agreeable climate and mesmerizing terrain, so good spa resorts aren't hard to find.

The various day spas in Phoenix are especially popular in the winter, as many northerners come down seeking refuge from the cold. As enticing as a winter stay at a Phoenix spa resort can be, however, the summer months see major discounts on room and spa rates. As such, budget travelers who are mostly interested in enjoying the Phoenix spas while in town might stick to the summer months when planning their visit.

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