Things to Do in Phoenix

Phoenix things to do lists can include any number of fun-filled activities, and thanks to the usually agreeable Arizona weather, there's hardly a bad time to visit. Summer is the season that most tourists avoid, as temperatures in the 100s are not uncommon. The rest of the year, however, the weather is simply splendid, encouraging visitors to spend a lot of time outdoors. Whether you plan on spending most of your time indoors or outdoors, there are plenty of free things to do in Phoenix, so it can be easy to stay on top of your travel budget. Enjoying the impressive Arizona sunsets doesn't cost anything, and for families, some of the area malls have excellent play areas for the little ones to enjoy.


Phoenix things to do often revolve around golf, and for good reason. The Phoenix area is home to hundreds of golf courses, and some of these courses figure among the best in the world. Fall, winter, and spring are the best seasons for Phoenix golf, and there are plenty of good golfing resorts to choose from in the region. Plenty of Phoenix vacation packages that include a round or more of golf are available, and they can help golfing enthusiasts maximize their golfing experience.


When looking for fun things to do in Phoenix Arizona, there will be a number of interesting area museums to consider. These museums include the Heard Museum and the Phoenix Museum of Art, both of which figure among the best. These aren't the only good museums in the Phoenix area, however, and for those who are interested in free things to do in Phoenix, many of the museums offer free days from time to time.

Heritage Square

For cultural enthusiasts and history buffs who find themselves looking for fun things to do in Phoenix Arizona, exploring Historic Heritage Square is recommended. This Downtown block is the oldest part of town, and it offers fantastic insight into Phoenix's early days. Anchoring the block is a lovely Victorian home, and an old machine shop now serves as a gourmet pizzeria.


Hiking is one of the most rewarding Phoenix things to do, especially for outdoor enthusiasts, and this has a lot to do with the beauty of the desert terrain. Rugged mountains abound in the Phoenix area, and there are plenty of mountain trails to enjoy, such as those that can be found in the McDowell Mountains and the South Mountain Park. In addition to hiking in the Phoenix area, hiking enthusiasts who find themselves in the Arizona capital can also plan hiking side trips to places such as Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

Hot Air Balloons

While hiking is a great way to take in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert terrain, it might not compare to looking down from a hot air balloon basket. The Phoenix area is ideal for hot air ballooning, especially in the morning hours, and the regional balloon operations go to great lengths to make sure that their guests have a great time. There are plenty of good operations to choose from in the area, and if you're looking for fun things to do in Phoenix Arizona, they can definitely come in handy.


Many tourists include some shopping on their lists of things to do in Phoenix, partly because of the fact that the Phoenix area offers some excellent shopping opportunities. There may be no better place in the country to buy Southwest art, save perhaps for Santa Fe New Mexico, and what you can't find in Phoenix, you are likely to find in Scottsdale or one of the other surrounding cities. For upscale shopping, the Biltmore Fashion Park is not to be missed.


Phoenix might be relatively close to Las Vegas, but a Vegas side trip won't be necessary if you want to enjoy some gaming action on your Phoenix vacation. There are a handful of tempting casinos in the Phoenix area, and since some of them are attached to hotels, it is possible to stay close to all the action.

Water Parks

As you might imagine in a desert city like Phoenix, water parks are popular. Wet n Wild is arguably the best water park in the Phoenix area, but it's not the only one. A handful of others help locals and visitors alike beat the heat, and it's worth noting that the Arizona Grand Resort features its own! In addition to visiting the area water parks, Phoenix visitors can also swing by Castles and Coasters, which is the best area amusement park.


The Phoenix tours cover a wide range of interests, and adding at least one to the agenda can only add extra depth to a trip. Jeep 4X4 tours through the desert figure among the most popular Phoenix tours, as do Tailisien West tours, and these are just two of the options. For those who are looking for free things to do in Phoenix, some tours, such as those that are offered at the regional museums, don't cost anything.


Travelers can choose from any number of regional events when looking for fun things to do in Phoenix Arizona. Among the most popular events are sports events, partly because of the fact that the Phoenix area is home to some of the most impressive sports venues on the face of the planet. Two of these venues can be found right Downtown, which happens to also be where four of the region's best theaters can be found. The Phoenix events calendar is healthy throughout the year, with spring being the top festival season.

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