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Phoenix tours offer something for everyone, whether you're a sports fanatic, a cultural enthusiast, a scientist buff, or anything else for that matter. For some, Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix are too hard to pass up, and for good reason. One of the most remarkable natural formations on the face of the earth, the Grand Canyon is nothing short of stunning. Closer to town, a tour of the surrounding Sonoran Desert can be rewarding, especially for those who are new to desert terrain, and Phoenix city tours offer insight into the Downtown area and the many attractions that populate it.

Phoenix tours come in many different shapes and sizes, including tours of the city. Phoenix city tours can be walking tours, bus tours, or even taxi or limo tours if you prefer, and among the typical highlights are the historic Heritage Square and the State Capitol. Some of the bus tours that include a pass through Downtown Phoenix also venture off to other destinations outside of town, such as Old Town Scottsdale, which is another name for Scottsdale's historic Downtown District. Also included in some of the Phoenix city tours are tickets to the fabulous Heard Museum, where Native American culture and art is the main attraction.

Most of the Phoenix museums offer tours, both public and private, and group tours can often be arranged as long as you arrange everything in advance. At the Phoenix Art Museum, the tours are free, and they can help visitors appreciate all of the wonderful pieces that are on display. For those who are up for a museum tour of a different kind, the audio tours at the Desert Botanical Garden can provide excellent insight into the various plants. Cultural enthusiasts will have little trouble finding good museums to tour on a Phoenix vacation, and if sports are your thing, you'll also be in luck. Chase Field, the US Airways Center, and the University of Phoenix Stadium are all immaculate sports complexes, and it is possible to enjoy tours at all of them.

Regardless of what you have in mind for your Phoenix visit, there is likely a tour that will make for an ideal addition to the agenda. The various Phoenix desert tours are ideal for those who want to learn more about the natural environment, and for those who like thrills, a hot air balloon tour is worth considering. The desert tours can come in the form of hiking tours, 4X4 Jeep tours, and any other number of things, and some even offer a sunset dinner of the gourmet variety to cap things off. You can also enjoy a side trip to Tucson if you want on a Phoenix desert tour, with potential side destinations including the Saguaro National Park and the Sonora Desert Museum. Many of the hot air balloon tours also include a look at the desert, with the pilot often flying low so that riders can make out the plant and animal life.

For travelers who have ample time to work with, the Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix might just be the most attractive of all. It is possible to get to the Grand Canyon and back in the same day if time is of the essence, though a few days is recommended if you really want to explore the Canyon trails or maybe even do some rafting or any other number of fun things. It is worth noting that there are an abundance of Grand Canyon tours that are also worth keeping in mind for those who are venturing north for a look at this glorious creation.

Whether you are interested in Grand Canyon tours from Phoenix or you want to stay closer to town, there will likely be a tour to fit your wants and needs. Arizona is an amazing travel destination, and there is no shortage of attractive tour options throughout the state, with Phoenix and the beautiful Sun Valley boasting more than their fair share.

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