Phoenix Light Rail

Phoenix light rail travel has become popular in recent years, especially since it is both affordable and convenient. In addition to getting around parts of Phoenix proper, the Phoenix light rail service can also be used to get from the capital to the smaller area cities of Tempe and Mesa. While Phoenix's METRO light rail system is mostly used by local commuters, it also caters to tourists who want to leave the driving up to someone else. Since the light rail in Phoenix connects with the city's bus systems, it is possible to hop on a bus and continue your economical transfer. Anyone who is arriving in Phoenix on a flight can get an informational pamphlet on the Phoenix Valley Metro bus and rail system.

The Phoenix Valley Metro is the name of the city's public transportation division, and in addition to the light rail system, this division controls the city buses. While the METRO system caters mostly to area commuters, it can still come in handy for tourists, especially those who are exploring the attractions of the Downtown area. Among the attractions that can be found along the light rail and bus lines are the Arizona Capitol Building and the historical environs of Heritage Square.

When it comes to Phoenix public transportation, the rates are very reasonable. In fact, the Phoenix Valley Metro buses and light rail combine to offer the cheapest means of transportation. Even more attractive in terms of price is the Downtown Area Shuttle. DASH, as this free shuttle is known, can be used for getting around the Downtown District between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 11 p.m. It is worth noting that Tempe also offers free downtown transportation that comes in the form of shuttle buses. Not to be outdone, nearby Scottsdale offers free trolleys that connect all of the city's main hot spots, such as the Fifth Avenue Shops and the historic Old Town.

Between the Phoenix light rail network, the city's bus system, and the free transportation options that are offered in and around town, locals and tourists alike can keep their transportation expenses to a minimum. Phoenix public transportation isn't the only option when it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, however. It is also possible to take a taxi, hire a luxurious limo or limo bus, or rent a car.

For some Phoenix visitors, relying on all of the available options is the ideal way to go. Even if you rent a car, Phoenix public transportation can come in handy, especially if you don't want to worry about directions or parking. Also, leaving the car behind and hopping in a limo might just be the preferred option for special occasions, such as a date with the Phoenix Symphony or something the like. The Phoenix Valley Metro only plans to expand its network in the years to come, and this will only serve to make getting around that much easier.

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