Wet n Wild Phoenix

Wet n Wild Phoenix is an excellent place to beat the heat in south central Arizona. This is the largest water park in the state and is open between the months of March and September, with June and July having the most wide open schedules. When school is in session in the area, the park tends to be closed on the weekdays, filling up with families on the weekends. Season passes are available for area residents, and they are very well priced. As for Phoenix area visitors, keeping an eye out for discount Wet n Wild Water Park tickets can be a good idea, as the costs can add up. The best deals are extended to season pass holders who buy their passes early, though this won't likely apply to those who are simply enjoying Phoenix vacations.

The Wet n Wild Water Park in Phoenix is especially popular with families, though anyone who is trying to get some relief from the hot Arizona sun is bound to enjoy a visit. One of the attraction highlights at the park is Monsoon Bay, and body surfing in this large wave pool can be a blast. The shallower end of the pool with its gentler surf is an ideal place to splash around for tots. Families and other small groups can also enjoy some moderate thrills at the Raging River ride. Rafts that can accommodate up to six people shoot down a simulated 600-foot river when it comes to this attraction. Other rides and attractions at Wet n Wild Phoenix include Maximum Velocity and Mammoth Falls. The former is an exhilarating water coaster that features more than 800 feet of mind-blowing drops, while the latter is a white water rafting ride that makes the Raging River seem like kids stuff.

While some of the rides and attractions at the Wet n Wild Water Park in Phoenix are best suited for older kids and adults, there are others that cater to the younger and smaller crowd. The Soak'em Playground is an especially good attraction for kids with its interactive spray guns and a water-spouting pelican being huge hits with the little ones. Sprinklers and spouts of various kinds add to the fun at the Soak'em Playground. On the more thrilling side of things, the Serpentine Complex offers a playground of sorts for older kids and adults. This complex is a mix of twisting water slides, and there's even a special "super bowl" where raft riders can get a firsthand understanding of what centrifugal force is all about. When it gets too hot in Phoenix for golfing or hiking, zipping around the Serpentine Complex and taking advantage of the other rides at this fun water park can be an enticing way to spend the better part of the day.

Various height requirements are in place for the different rides and attractions at the Wet n Wild Water Park in Phoenix, and this helps to keep visitors safe. You must be at least four feet tall to ride some of the more thrilling rides, for example, while the Soak'em Playground is off limits for anyone who is more than five feet tall, unless that person is accompanied by a child. A number of sensible rules are in place to keep Wet n Wild Phoenix family-friendly, and this only serves to make the park that much more enjoyable on the whole. As for getting Wet n Wild Water Park tickets, they can be secured in advance or upon arrival. Getting tickets in advance can help you avoid having to wait in a ticket line. This leaves more time for riding rides, getting something to eat at the onsite restaurant, or celebrating a kids' birthday party.

Several different kinds of events are held at Wet n Wild Water Phoenix from time to time, and while it is relatively rare, certain events can lead to the park being closed for the day. Another thing that is worth keeping in mind when it comes to buying Wet n Wild Water Park tickets is the fact that the park temporarily closes its gates once full capacity is reached. Should the park be closed when you are planning a visit, there are always the other area water parks, including the Big Surf Water Park in Tempe and Golfland Sunplash in Mesa. It is worth noting that in addition to water slides and other water rides, Golfland Sunplash also boasts hundreds of arcade games, a laser tag center, a go kart raceway, and three miniature golf courses.

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