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Phoenix tourism can be enjoyed year round, though it's best to avoid the summer if you have outdoor activities in mind. During the summer months, namely July and August, this desert city really heats up, with temperatures of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit being common. One of the advantages of summer travel to Phoenix is the relatively low flight and hotel rates, though that isn't enough to sway most travelers away from a spring, winter, or fall visit. The best time to go to Phoenix essentially encompasses the fall, winter, and spring seasons, with September through April being utterly ideal in terms of weather.

Phoenix tourism benefits from the city's relatively warm desert climate. The winter months are the coldest months of the year, though average winter highs in the high 60s are very enticing to northerners who are braving much colder conditions. In February, the temperatures start to rise slowly, with March seeing average highs in the mid-70s. In April, the average highs climb into the low 80s, and they steadily increase going into the very hot summer season. Thankfully, there are a number of water parks in the area for those who decide to travel to Phoenix in the summer. It's also worth noting that many of the top attractions feature air conditioning, including Chase Field.

Chase Field is where the Arizona Diamondbacks play their home games, and it is anything but your average ballpark. Since the baseball season includes all of the summer months, it was decided that a retractable roof should be built so that air conditioning could be used to keep the players and the fans comfortable. When trying to decide when to travel to Phoenix, baseball fans will definitely want to consider the summer months, especially since Chase Field can be air conditioned when the roof is closed. Many baseball fans also choose to visit in the spring or early fall. Spring is when numerous Major League teams come to the Phoenix area for spring training, while early fall sees the regular season winding down.

For sports fans, the best time to go to Phoenix is pretty much any time. As the baseball season starts to wind down, the football, basketball, and hockey leagues start their seasons. Watching professional sports events isn't the only thing worth considering when trying to decide when to go to Phoenix. Some travelers prefer to play sports themselves, or at least get active.

Phoenix tourism often revolves around golf, and for good reason. Few destinations in the world can rival the Phoenix area when it comes to high quality golf courses, and save for the sweltering summer months, golf can be enjoyed year round. You can golf in the summer as well if you please, though you are best off scheduling an early morning tee time if possible. Once the middle part of the day rolls around, sipping on a cold beverage in the clubhouse will likely be preferable to trying to swing a golf club in the energy-sapping desert sun. As is true of golf, other outdoor pursuits that can be enjoyed in the Phoenix area, such as hiking and mountain biking, are best avoided during the summer months.

When trying to decide when to travel to Phoenix, these are just some of the things worth keeping in mind. You might also interest yourself in the city's events and festivals, especially since there are so many good ones that are worth adding to the itinerary. The Arizona State Fair is one of the most popular annual events, and the Zoo Lights festivities turn the Phoenix Zoo into a winter wonderland. Spring is the best time to go to Phoenix if you are interested in festivals, while winter maintains its position as the peak travel season overall. It is worth noting that it can get quite chilly at night in Phoenix in the autumn, winter, and spring, in which case travelers should pack some warm clothes when visiting during these seasons.

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