Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is located within Oak Creek Canyon and is one of the most highly visited state parks in Arizona. Part of the reason for this is the fact that it can be found so close to Sedona. Just a short drive is required to get there from town. This isn’t the only reason why so many people visit Slide Rock State Park, however. The scenic attributes of this protected area are divine, and there are fun options for things to do once you get there.

Hundreds of thousands of people choose to visit Slide Rock State Park on an annual basis. Among other things, they come to bask in the scenic beauty of the picturesque high desert terrain and to take rides on the natural water chutes that give the park its name. It is also common to splash around in some of the deeper water that runs along portions of the sandstone, and those who prefer keeping dry can hop on inviting hiking trails that lead up the canyon sides. The park’s main hiking trails are known as the Pendley Homestead Trail, the Slide Rock Route, and the Clifftop Nature Trail.

There is no Slide Rock State Park lodging within the park itself, but there are commercial campgrounds nearby. There is also camping in the nearby national forests and wilderness areas. Other than camping, the closest Slide Rock State Park lodging is the Oak Creek Terrace Resort, and it offers both rooms and cabins at a reasonable price. Other nearby options include Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge, the Slide Rock Lodge, Canyon Wren Cabins, and the Junipine Resort & Café. The Sedona hotels list is long, so area visitors certainly don’t have to limit themselves to these specific properties when trying to find their ideal place to stay in the Slide Rock State Park area .

As a side note, there is a fee to access Slide Rock State Park. Also worth noting is that during the busier summer season, the park can get very crowded. Sometimes, visitors actually have to wait a while before they can get in during the summer, and it is common for the parking lot to reach full capacity.

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