Suggested Itineraries Sedona

Whether checking out the red rocks, taking a hike, or enjoying the city, you’ll be sure to find something to do in the great state. Located near Las Vegas and featuring plenty of golf and winter sports, Arizona is a popular destination.

Suggested Itineraries for Sedona:

1-3 Days

At the top of all suggested itineraries for Sedona is a trip to the Grand Canyon. Take a bus, a mule, a helicopter, or your own car, but be sure to get there. Depending on how you choose to see the canyon, you will likely want to leave a full day, or most of a day, to really take it in. If you would like to split your time between the cliffs and the city, you can also have a great time in downtown Sedona. Spend time shopping at the one of the many Navajo and other Native American jewelry and art stores, and be sure to eat at one of the many great downtown restaurants serving authentic southwest cuisine.

4-7 Days

Suggested itineraries for Sedona lasting for multiple days should certainly include the activities listed above. In addition, you may want to spend more time exploring the Grand Canyon region. While the canyon is awe-inspiring, the surrounding area is also incredible and makes up one of the most striking landscapes in the country. The red-rocks that surround Sedona can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Many companies offer jeep rentals to allow tourists to drive through the area on their own tour, or biking enthusiasts can brave the area via mountain bike.

7+ Days

Your Sedona Arizona itinerary for a week or more should include the activities mentioned above, as well as some additional time spent in the city of Sedona itself. Downtown you’ll find a number of Fine Art and Native American art galleries, along with excellent specialty shopping opportunities. With more time, you might also consider an overnight stay at the Grand Canyon. Camping trips and tours can be arranged through a number of different companies.

Sedona Itineraries are just a sample of the days you can plan. Be sure to schedule time to see the red rocks or the desert in some capacity, and you will be sure to enjoy all that the great state of Arizona has to offer. If you plan to visit Phoenix as well, look into the suggested itineraries Phoenix.

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