Things to do in Arizona

Arizona Resorts

There are Arizona resorts for every preference and every budget. Golfers will enjoy the Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa. If you love gambling, visit the Blue Water Resort and Casino in Parker. Those of you who prefer a more rustic Arizona resort should visit the Buck Springs Resort in Pinetop Arizona.

Grand Canyon Tour

Arizona Grand Canyon Hike
Arizona Grand Canyon Hike

Of course, you can't visit Arizona without taking the Grand Canyon Tour. While many people like to explore the canyon by foot, there are other options. A number of bus companies provide luxury Grand Canyon tours. For water lovers, rafting the Grand Canyon is considered to be one of the most exciting adventure tours in the United States. Would you prefer to soar above the canyon? There are many companies that offer Grand Canyon heli-tours.

Arcosanti Project

There are many Phoenix attractions in the metropolitan area. A visit to the Arcosanti Project is a unique experience. The project was developed by the Cosanti Foundation, a non-profit architectural organization devoted to urban planning and research. In 1970, the foundation began the Arcosanti Project which is an experimental town 70 miles north of Phoenix. Upon its completion, it will become home to 5000 people. Arcosanti is designed in accordance with the principles of arcology, which is a mixture of architecture and ecology.

Mystery Castle

Another Phoenix attraction is the Mystery Castle, which is on the other end of the housing spectrum. In 1927, Mystery Castle builder Boyd Gulley left his Seattle home and never returned. Three years later he showed up in the hill country south of Phoenix. He spent the last 15 years of his life building an 18-room castle. After his death from tuberculosis, his lawyer contacted his widow and daughter, informing them that Gulley had built his "princess" daughter the castle he promised her.

Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is a unique Arizona attraction. In 1923, it established a tribal government. Today, the Navajo Nation Council is the most sophisticated Native American government in America. Many national monuments, tribal parks and historic sites can be found within the Navajo Nation's territory.

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is another fascinating Arizona attraction. It was designed in the 1980s as an airtight replica of the earth's environment. Its designers were interested in colonizing the Moon or Mars. People from seven different countries were chosen to live inside the biosphere for two years. Unfortunately, physical and social problems arose, and the project was discontinued. Today, it serves an interactive science center.

The Arizona Trail

The Arizona Trail is the brainchild of hiking enthusiast Dale Shewalter. When completed, it will be a 790 non-motorized trail across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. There are various work projects and events you can participate in. In addition to the famous Arizona Trail, there a variety of Arizona trails that you can enjoy hiking or biking.

Arizona Sightseeing Tours

A number of companies offer Arizona sightseeing tours. You can choose to travel by van, bus or jeep. This is an excellent way to travel through Arizona if your health prohibits extensive exercise.

Arizona Golf Vacations

Many dedicated golfers enjoy taking Arizona golf vacations. You can choose from either links or desert style. The wide variety of courses available makes it easy to find tee time at any hour of the day. Courses are available to suit any budget.

Cottonwood Arizona


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